Is The Process Broken?

Since I’m an online entrepreneur and web developer, I spend A LOT of time online. This also means I use the Internet a lot when corresponding with other people and businesses. Something recently has annoyed me, and I want to make sure this does not happen to you.

Is The Process Broken?What I’m talking about is lost opportunities. Since the beginning of the year, I have been putting things in place to increase my business which means I have questions for certain professionals, certain areas I’d like to know more about. So what I do? I visit their website, look around see if they have the information I want, and if not I ask a question.

Well it turns out after several form submissions and several days of waiting, I’ve yet to receive a response. GRRR.

I know, I know, I could pick up the phone, which is what will probably happen if I want information from these individuals. (Or I’ll just move on to someone else.) I’m thinking my submitted form data is lost in cyber-space, their form doesn’t work, or they’re just not interested in my business.

Test Everything

This of course led me to question you on a few things: Is your website’s contact form broken? Are you losing potential leads? When was the last time you filled out your online forms and tested this? Did the form work? Did you receive a thank you page? How about an automated follow-up email or email series if you have that set up? Did you receive your data request?

MacBook Pro near white open book

This process is something you should check several times a year. Just because it worked when you set it up does not mean it still does. Systems do break, software is updated or not updated and this causes conflicts.

Isn’t it worth taking a moment every couple months to see if you are still getting the results you expect? One missed client could cost you more than you think.

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Frank Deardurff

An early love for graphics brought me online over 20 years ago which lead me to consume a vast knowledge in marketing, conversion, design and various types of web technologies. That information led to becoming a web master, serial entrepreneur, author, coach, trainer and That One Web Guy!

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