Is Your Order Page Out Of Order?

quick way to lose a hard earned sale is to have an order page that is out of sync with the rest of your website.

We’re told time and time again that people buy from those they know, like and trust. We do everything we can on the optin page to get that first sign of acceptance from them to opt-in.

Is Your Order Page Out Of Order?

We add more techniques on the sales page to build further on the trust and let the visitor know who we are. Then we blow it by not having a cohesive look and feel to our order page.

To clarify, we have a template or design on our optin page and sales page that matches in color, as well as the header matching on both of those pages but then we get to the cart page or better known as the order page and it looks nothing like the other pages. So many times the order page is left completely as plain as the shopping cart service built it.

Now, it’s true that some cart services won’t allow much customization.

Almost all of them will allow some sort of modification if you look in their settings. Some services  will only allow you to upload your logo, which will at least allow you to carry over some similarity to your existing site. You will need to be cautious and make sure that if the cart allows you to upload an image make sure that they are uploading to their secure server or you utilize a service such as that will host your logo for you on a secure server.

If your image is not secure your visitors will see a warning message saying that some elements on the page are not secure and will ask them if they want to proceed. In most cases they will just leave and not continue with their order. Also the same will happen if they are unsure if they are on the right order page for your product.

If they are uncertain that they are on the right page they will surely hesitate to place the order.

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Frank Deardurff

An early love for graphics brought me online over 20 years ago which lead me to consume a vast knowledge in marketing, conversion, design and various types of web technologies. That information led to becoming a web master, serial entrepreneur, author, coach, trainer and That One Web Guy!

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