It Is What It Is

Here is my favorite Armand Morin “Armandism”: “It is what it is.”

I was on my way to Armand Live Australia in  Brisbane,  flying  from San Francisco to Sydney and then on  to Brisbane. When I arrived at San Francisco airport Tuesday night, only 90 minutes before my 14 hour flight   to Sydney, Australia (and then onto Brisbane), and they told me the flight list was already closed (therefore I would not be allowed on the plane), I didn’t panic.

It Is What It Is

United Airlines told me the Wednesday flight was full, when Orbitz told me I could not cancel or change my flight, and I was finally informed that I would have to fly out late Thursday night, arrive Saturday and leave Monday morning. I thought, “It is what it is.”

I made sure to arrive at the airport 4 hours early that night. We boarded the plane and sat on the runway for 3 hours until the flight was canceled. The cargo door wouldn’t close. I was issued a new plane ticket leaving Friday night, arriving in Australia on Sunday, and leaving Monday. They would not extend my trip. They would not issue any refund (just a $150 voucher on a future flight).

Additionally, the hotel would not extend or refund any part of my reservation.

Three different attempts, a 4-day stay in Australia shortened into 1-day… it is what it is. Did I see this as “a sign” that I should not attend Armand Live? Did I “give up” because it would have been easier? Heck no.

After several phone calls, it was clear that nothing could be changed or refunded. I was left with two choices: spend $2000 on a flight and $1000 on  a hotel that I didn’t use, or spend $2000 on a flight and $1000 to stay in Australia for one day.

I promised to visit Australia, I had already planned to be out of the country, so the choice was clear. I had to attend Armand Live, even in this ridiculous way: spending one day on a plane (with connections), one day on the ground and one day returning home.

If you aren’t making as much money as you want on the Internet, if your list is too small, you don’t have enough traffic, you need more joint ventures, you need products, or your flight to Armand Live Australia is canceled, the world isn’t out to get you. It’s not a sign that you should give up.

It is what it is! You can avoid or power through most obstacles that stand in your way. It’s “easy” to give up but usually not smarter. Go ahead, do it right now, identify what you want to accomplish and do everything it takes to get to that point. If you have to change course, pick your battles, or take a detour, then it simply is what it is.

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