It’s In The Member’s Area

It's In The Member's AreaAs a fellow Marketing University Member and team member this is something I hear often. Some will ask a question and many times the answer is there’s a training on that in the member’s area.

We laugh about it, but it’s true. There are so many good training resources in there. I thought I would take one of the trainings and follow it through to find some answers.

Actually, I’ve been wanting to try some live streams, but not just the, hold up my phone or webcam and go live type. I wanted to do it with frame switching and all the cool stuff that Armand does.

It's In The Member's Area

I recall there was recently a “Live Stream” training, so the member’s area is the first place I looked. I knew what I was looking for, so I just skipped to the section in the instruction that I needed. That is one of the great things about how the training is situated in the member’s area. All of the Marketing Library courses are broken down into sections, and there is an outline that tells you the exact place you need to look.

I pulled up the video on OBS software. I am familiar with that software but wanted the exact settings without playing around and trying to figure it out on my own because as they say, time is money! First, I watched the video all the way through. Then I watched and paused at each step as I made the changes Armand recommended in the software.

Within no time at all, I had completed my first Live Stream. Okay I deleted the first one, and the second one. I was playing around with lighting, syncing the audio with my mouth movements, and playing with transitions.

It's In The Member's AreaI did this on my business page, and it was the first of many as I move forward with my live streams. It doesn’t matter if you’re It's In The Member's Areaa tech web guy or just getting started; it’s always better to work smarter not harder.

Yeah, I could’ve played around with OBS software myself, played with settings, googled tips and spent hours pulling together all the information I needed. But because I have access to the MU members area, I only needed to spend under an hour and watch and learn and know I’m going to get the professional results I wanted.

Think about that for a moment…

I took just ONE video of ONE training to complete the task I was wanting to accomplish. And there is more training in the membership area than I can probably ever use. All you need to do is log into the member’s area, click in the search box on the side- bar and enter the topic you’re looking for. There is a pretty good chance that topic is in there.

It’s always better to work
smarter not harder.

Frank Deardurff

Oh, and if it’s not in there, submit the question to support and Armand may decide to do a training on the topic. He wants to know what you want to learn about. One of the more recent Wednesday training sessions was from a question posted in the MU Facebook group. It doesn’t get any easier to get the results you need.

I just wanted to write this to remind our members that you have a plethora of information and knowledge instantly available to you. There is not one single place on the internet where you will find more focused marketing and business information, and this is just one of many benefits of being a Marketing University Member!

[If you feel you need more help than your current level of Marketing University delivers, feel free to email support@MarketingUniversity.com to get details on membership upgrades.]

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