It’s Time To Get Leads – Fast

Lead generation is something that every business owner absolutely 100% needs. Unfortunately, not many people are doing it on a consistent basis. If you want to grow your business in 2024, this is not an area you can be passive about.

What exactly does lead generation involve? It’s the process of attracting prospective customers to your business and generating interest for your product or service with the end goal of making sales. It’s having a constant stream of people who are potentially interested in what you have to offer.

The question now is, what are you doing to ensure a steady flow of new leads comes into your business?

Various types of lead generation strategies are available to make people interested in your business and gradually turn them into paying customers.

Let’s start with my favorite—the opt-in lead generation strategy. Simply put, this strategy means you invite prospects to “opt in” to receive valuable benefits that they want. Basically, I will put a lead generation or opt-in page that people have to go through to see what I have to offer. I use lead magnets, which are free items that I offer in exchange for contact details.

For example, I will put a sign-up form on my website. Visitors complete the form and receive information about my business and anything that I promised, like a free ebook, weekly digital newsletter, or a downloadable webinar.

Opt-in forms are a valuable tool to collect contact details from prospective customers, engage with them, and nurture a connection over time.

Even if my email subscribers don’t buy from me right away, I can simply send more emails and make them recognize the value of my product or service. They will be highly familiar with my brand after some time and eventually become paying customers.

It's Time To Get Leads - FastSee how great it works? What makes this lead generation strategy even more powerful is when what you offer is an enticing giveaway. Think about something your target market wants. It could be anything, really. You could offer a free report, a video, an information-packed ebook, an extensive tutorial, an amazing discount, or even a physical product.

If you offer just the right giveaway for your audience, you can easily ask for contact information from interested buyers. You’re going to give prospects what they want while getting what YOU want.

That’s how my opt-in and giveaway strategies work. Another incredibly effective lead generation strategy is what I call the “curiosity strategy.” Basically, you offer a much-coveted solution in exchange for a person’s contact information.

You’re not just giving away things; you’re actually offering a must-try solution to a common problem of your target audience.

For example, people have burning questions about the best digital marketing strategies in 2024 that truly work. They want to see case studies, extensive reports, and comprehensive lists with the latest statistics and facts.

You can offer exactly that. You will provide a solution to problems relevant to your industry to pique your target market’s curiosity and easily get their names and email addresses. Then, you can regularly send compelling offers through email to persuade your prospects to make a purchase.

These are just three easy ways to generate trackable leads. You can start with these methods today to generate more business and ultimately increase your sales. Don’t expect immediate sales, but if you do these strategies the right way, you can definitely see massive results down the road.

Now that you know these powerful lead generation strategies, the next step is to identify and develop your ideal lead magnets to capture leads.

The giveaway strategy I discussed earlier is probably the easiest and fastest way to attract leads. Keep in mind these four tips when creating a lead magnet to get the best results:

  1. Your freebie should solve a
  2. Your freebie should be simple to use and easy to understand, whether it’s a five-page report or a 10-minute video
  3. Your freebie should be relevant to your
  4. You should offer a high-quality giveaway that people will perceive as

One of the quickest things you can create as a value-packed lead magnet is an audio file. Simply open an audio recorder on your computer or even on your phone right this moment and give your target market an amazing solution to any problem they have.

Next, create a compelling opt-in page containing a headline that tells the website visitor exactly why they should subscribe to your email list or download your lead magnet, a short opt-in form where the prospect provides their name and email address, and a call to action that clearly tells the reader what they should do next.

Be sure to highlight your value proposition. Are you going to provide a solution to your future subscribers? Make your prospective customers want whatever you’re offering.

After creating your opt-in page, you need to run ads to generate leads and make people discover the solution you offer. There’s no way around it. My goal is actually to generate a lead for a dollar. If it costs me a little bit more, I’m going to try to improve that in order to keep it to about a dollar. I have a lot of training in Marketing University on how to create ads. When done right, you can self- fund your advertising by selling to your subscribers once they sign up for your email list. After they consume the free solution, you tell them about your product or service and lead them to your website.

If your sales letter is good, your subscribers will undoubtedly make a purchase. Then use the money generated from those sales

to fund your lead generation and keep new prospects coming in. You should look at those sales as a reinvestment to grow your business rather than your income. Reinvesting profits is extremely important to keep your business moving forward. By funneling the money back into buying more ads, you keep the lead generation machine growing.

You might be thinking, “Most of my new subscribers probably won’t buy right away after getting my free solution.” That might be the case for most businesses. But remember, you already have those valuable contact details. What you need to do now is follow up through well-thought-out email campaigns telling them all about your products, services, and website. You’ll soon generate more and more sales and higher revenue. (Refer to my 8-Step Opt-in talked about in the May 2023 issue of Traces as well as inside the Marketing University membership area.)

If I looked into your autoresponder or email list service, will I see more new subscribers today versus yesterday? That number is something that’s easily trackable. You can quickly check how many people opted in to get a giveaway or see your product or service.

You might not be tracking these numbers at all, but you should because they’re vital to your business! Now, go ahead and find out how much bigger your prospect pool is today than yesterday, and follow my lead generation methods to attract lots of leads and convert them into customers and see the growth in your business this year!

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Armand Morin

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world.

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