Just A Couple of Dogs

We went to the farm for Father’s Day and had a great time. My nephew, Paul, was down from Fargo,  North  Dakota.  We   enjoyed a variety of activities like driving go-carts, wrestling with the dogs, attracting mosquitoes and wood ticks, and even rescuing a pure black baby kitten.

But, this story centers around a walk we took through waist high (wood- tick laden) grass in the pasture. After many adventures during the half mile trek (which would make a good story in itself) we ended up on a gravel road. Being to tired to push our way home through the grass again, we decided to take the longer route home via the gravel road.

As we were walking home, Paul would pick up stones and throw them. The dogs would tear after  them.  Lady, the smaller, older dog was faster and picked up most of the rocks. She would bring the rock back to us but would not release it. We had to either take it out of her mouth or throw another rock. As soon as Paul threw another rock she would drop the rock she was holding and tear out after the new one.

Just A Couple of DogsPaul’s dog, Rufus (aka Ruffie), was the bigger but younger dog. (I would mention some things about Ruffie’s lack of intelligence, but I don’t want to hurt Paul’s feelings) Ruffie would lumber after the rocks and when he finally got one, he would stand there and hold it until Paul threw another one. At which time, he’d drop the rock in his mouth and trot after the new one in his clumsy, ungainly manner.

This got me thinking about how our dogs were similar to many of us. (Paul feels they are also better looking than some of us, but we’ll leave our family out of this.)

Anyway, let me get to the point… how many times have you gone to a seminar or bought books or training courses, took them home and just held on to them? You were all excited about them but once home, you just held them in a drawer or bookshelf and never did anything with them. Then, the next time someone threw a course out there, you ran after it, took it home and once again, held it on a shelf.

Just A Couple of Dogs

I have a confession to make; my office is loaded with half read books and unread courses. I just do not have the time to read all of them.

Just A Couple of DogsDon’t be like Lady and pick up every rock (course) that is thrown at you. Be selective and make good use of those you do buy. Only move on to the next course when you digest (and act on) the information in the ones you already own.

Now, Ruffie did things a little different. He never even brought the excitement home with him. When he left the seminar or when he received the course (caught the rock) he didn’t even look at it or hold it. He just waited for the next one. The Ruffies of this world have no idea what or where their information is. It’s just dropped. They buy for the sake of buying and don’t have a clue as to what to do with the stuff.

The moral of the story? Be smarter than the dogs! Know what you’re going after. Consume the knowledge and take action…only then go after the next course or seminar.

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George Callens

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