To Bribe or Not To Bribe

To bribe or not to bribe.

We are starting with the assumption that you are using an opt-in page.

It doesn’t matter what type, video, audio etc., you’re using. If you’re already using an opt-in page, you, like most marketers, are probably giving something away in order to obtain their name or email address…am I correct?

That’s the big mistake! Why?

In order to answer that lets think about what’s going on in the prospect’s mind. Think about it…

They come to your Opt-in page and we tell them “give me your name and email address and I will give you a free report (or some other bribe).

Once they give their name and email they receive their bribe and we take them to our sales letter. Simple enough. Everybody does it this way.

“Let me be very clear about this…because we are giving them something to read, something to listen to, something to watch…we are giving them a reason NOT

Now ask yourself a question…why are people giving you their name  and email address? Is it because they want to see what you have to sell?

No! Are they truly interested in your product? No!

In many cases they may have some interest in you product once they see the report or bribe you give them… BUT, they are absolutely NOT interested in your sales letter. Now think about it…we’ve just given them a report (that they are interested in) and then we’re sending them to a sales letter they are not interested in. We are, in fact, pushing them away from the purchase, we’re giving them a reason not to buy! It’s no wonder sales conversion is only 1% to 3%.

Let me be very clear about this… because we are giving them something to read, something to listen to, something to watch…we are giving them a reason NOT to buy!

Why is this?

Because we have just given them what they are looking for (our bribe). We have given them a reason NOT to buy. We email the bribe to them and their thought process says “Thank you, I’m going to leave this page, check my email and watch the video, listen to the audio or read the free report etc.


I’ll come back and buy your product”. We have just pushed them away from our sales page.

Ask any direct salesperson (online or offline sales) and they’ll tell you that in the REAL world of sales the odds of them coming back and purchasing are not very good. This is way good salespeople do everything in their power in order to get the sale NOW! And what have we just done? We’ve sent them away and given them a very good reason not to purchase now.

There is a certain amount of pressure that develops throughout a sales process, this is natural. In this case, we’re not only relieving that pressure but giving them an alternative to purchasing.

Let me tell you a quick story. As you may know, I sold vacuum cleaners door to door for several years. I became fairly good at it. Here are some things we never did when we sold vacuum cleaners:

We NEVER accepted anything inside a person’s home. Why? Because if we accepted anything, even something

as simple as a glass of water, that was payment for our time. in other words, it relieved the sales pressure, it left them off the hook. After all, we were cleaning their home, shampooing their carpets for free while demonstrating the vacuum cleaner. There was pressure and an implied obligation and that pressure was relieved, that obligation was satisfied when they gave us cookies, food, water, milk etc.

If you accepted any of those payments, your sales dropped dramatically.

While it isn’t exactly the same online it still relieves the pressure when you give them a free bribe. The end result is the same…we’ve given them an opening, we’ve given them a reason NOT to buy and sales drop dramatically. So if you’re not giving them a bribe, why would they give us their name and email address?

The answer is simple and powerful… CURIOSITY.

Curiosity is the most powerful psychological tool you’ll ever find.

How do we do this? We create “curiosity” opt-in pages similar to this…

Hi, my name is Armand Morin. Thank you so much for visiting our page. I have a question I want to ask you. If I could show you a way to generate 100,000 visitors to your website, would you like to know about it? If the answer is yes, then here is what you need to do next. Fill in your first name, your primary email address and click the submit button on this page and on the next page, I’ll give you all the details on how you, too can generate 100,000 visitors to your website. Don’t wait, go ahead do it right now. Fill in your first name, primary email address, click the submit button and I’ll see you on the very next page!

That’s my opt-in page. What did I give away? Nothing! I created curiosity.

They don’t give their name and email in order to get my bribe, instead, they give their name and email in order to satisfy their curiosity. They want to know what I have to sell. They want to see my sales page!

“You first need to come up with the reasons people want your product. Come up with as many as you can.

Come up with as many keywords/keyword phrases as you can.”

People are smarter today then ever. When I ask them for their name and email address, they KNOW I’m going to try and sell them something and their curiosity is piqued enough to want to go to my sales letter to see what it is.

In this scenario my opt-in page built enough curiosity to compel them to give their information so they could be taken to the next page (which is

my sales letter) to see just what I was selling. I didn’t always do it like this; in the past I too gave bribes. Then I realized I WAS WRONG! In fact I was an idiot.

You may be saying to yourself, “But doesn’t everyone do it this way (with a bribe)?”

The answer is yes, almost everyone uses bribes to get the name and email address. That doesn’t make it correct. Right now I may be sounding just like your mother… “just because everyone does it doesn’t mean you have to do it!”

Will this work for you, for your product? In fact you may be saying to yourself, “This will NOT work with my product!” My answer is, “It WILL work with your product, if you utilize the 30x system.”

You first need to come up with the reasons people want your product. Come up with as many as you can. Come up with as many keywords/ keyword phrases as you can.

If you polled the people who may be interested in your product, they would all have different reasons for being interested in it. In fact, they each may have multiple reasons. But…we can only effectively use one reason on an opt-in page. You can only effectively use one reason to maximize SEO.

How many reasons can we effectively give for a person visiting your opt-in page? Once again, to be most effective we can only use one reason per opt-in page.

Here is your strategy: you have a sales letter that sells your product…you need to build curiosity in order to get people to want to visit it.

Let’s say you had a weight loss product. Come up with at least 30 reasons why people may want to loss weight. Write them down.

  • Maybe they want to lose weight because they just had a baby.
  • Maybe they want to lose their beer belly.
  • Maybe they want to go on vacation.
  • Maybe they want to go to a class reunion.
  • Maybe they are single and want to find someone.
  • Maybe they just got divorced and want to find someone.

One opt-in page would never be able to effectively build curiosity for all these diverse reasons. We need one opt-in page for each reason.

For example…

“Just had a baby and need to lose some weight? My weight loss secret will get those lbs. off fast and easily. Just enter your first name and email address, click the enter button and you’ll be on your way to fast and easy weight loss.”

“Need to lose weight fast for that class reunion? Just enter your first name and email address, click the enter button and you’ll discover how to rapidly and easily lose weight and be the envy of all your classmates.”

In each case we’ve targeted their need and created the curiosity to get them to leave their name and email address and read your sales letter.

Each page is search engine optimized for the particular keyword or phrase they searched on so you know you have targeted people coming to your opt-in and on to your sales letter.

Do you need a different sales letter for each reason? NO! Each opt-in page goes to the same sales letter. You only need to concentrate on one very good sales letter…they’ve been “pre- framed” to read their need into your sales letter.

So…dump the bribe and build curiosity. It’ll make you life much easier and generate more sales.

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