Local YouTube Advertising

Reason Why You Should Use Local YouTube Advertising

Read this article if you:

a.) have a brick-and-mortar business
b.) would like to target local audiences
c.) don’t want to rely only on Google search ads
d.) need more targeted traffic
e.) are interested

Do not read this article if you:

a.) don’t need more customers
b.) don’t want to be up-do-date
c.) too lazy to try anything
d.) had previous experience with paid ads and hate it

Let’s roll out some facts about YouTube to understand the bigger picture and where the platform is located in the light of customer reach.

YouTube in iPhone screengrab
  • 1.3 billion users worldwide
  • Watch count is 5 billion a day
  • Average mobile viewing session is 40 minutes
  • More than half of all views are from mobile devices
  • Only 9% of US small businesses use YouTube (in the UK it’s even lower percentage)
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine, bigger than Bing, Yahoo! and Ask combined
    (Source: Factslides and Merchdope—thanks for the detailed figures.)

Here Comes The “Why To Do It” Section

The jigsaw is coming together bit by bit having a look at these stats and there are key facts here such as:

1. People are watching YouTube, precisely 35% of UK consumers use YouTube raising it to the second most popular social media platform in the country after Facebook’s 56% coverage (reported by Adweek).

Local YouTube Advertising

2. People do it from their mobile phones and the phones are with them all the time while on the go to fill their spare bored minutes. You cannot ask for better circumstances to stick into their heads.

3. Within the most watched categories on the platform there is a big chunk covered by ‘how-to’ videos. It seems like the question here, as with all social media presence, is how can you create valuable content?

4. Creating professional video ads is cheaper than you think as the variety of the content became a key element recently. Variety of recording devices, video types, messages and so on. There is a huge potential to drag the attention of a targeted audience to your business.

5.(+1) YouTube is owned by Google so its algorithm for search is based on relevance score and the market is not overcrowded with local advertising strategy, so it is not that difficult to become relevant.

+1. YouTube is going to stay. Despite the extremely annoying doubling up of advertisements in front and in-stream of videos with last year’s launch of YouTube Premium and the explosive rise of TikTok, their presence is extremely solid. So, don’t worry, your efforts are not going to be wasted here.

The Power Of The Location

The biggest mistake is thinking about any social media platform in its whole coverage. It is a must to understand that Kylie Jenner and Justin Bieber are playing a different game. They have an extremely wide reach and their followers are spread around the world with a variety of interests, tastes, social background and so on.

Think about a segment of the platform. Focus on the local area the business is covering with its services and never forget the golden rule:

You don’t have to be an influencer!

You just need to create constant awareness within that radius to make sure your company pops into people’s head when they need the product or service you are offering. Location is the king in this game.

Branded,  relevant  ,and  informative  video content  on  YouTube optimized for the segment of a local market. That’s all you need to join the game and cash the rewards.

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Adam Burak

Adam is Artistic Director of internationally acclaimed Coin Theatre Company and a related interactive entertainment event service based in London. Since joining Marketing University, he set up a marketing agency specializing on LinkedIn and Instagram coverage. Adam's motto: “You can only win outside your comfort zone.”

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