Looking For The Magical Blue Pill

I believe most people are looking for the blue pill. They’re looking for something that does everything for them. You buy a product and all of a sudden you make money.

I hate to break it to you, but there’s nothing you can buy that instantly makes you money—I don’t care what anyone says. Making money requires work. The nature of a business is to make it work and if this particular soft- ware, product or whatever it is works so well, why would they be selling it to you for $37?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of great products in the marketplace, but to think that they’re going to give you a product that you can buy already, set up that will make you money over- night without you having to do any- thing, is just not out there. You are fooling yourself if you think it will happen. You’re looking for the wrong solution, and it’s really sad.

Looking For The Magical Blue Pill

There are several things to blame for these types of products. First of all, the people selling the—for lack of a better word—‘get rich quick’ type schemes.

They really are schemes, there’s no other word I can use to describe this. It’s absolute crap. Now, I have to be honest, I buy a lot of this stuff to see if it works. I see the technique or the particular software, but I have never been more upset than looking at what I have seen over the course of the last six months or so.

Quite honestly, if the FTC ever looks at many of these websites, these people are going to jail. They are making claims like in the last 30 days I made $437,000 using this simple software. No, you didn’t! What a lot of these people neglect to do is cover their tracks. They say look at all the sales I’ve made. Well, I look at the stats and when you average the numbers out, you can see exactly what the typical price point for each product they sold was.

If they’ve sold 1,000 units and made $400,000, that simply says they’ve sold 400 people at $1,000 each but tell me how this software actually allowed you to do that. That’s not what they’re telling you. They’re not telling you the truth about the actual income they have. They just did  a big product launch and now they’re claiming that this  simple  software  is responsible for their big product launch? No, it’s not true!

It’s sickening to me to watch this stuff. On one side, they continue creating this kind of crap because people keep buying it, that’s their justification. Then on the other side, let me tell you a horrible truth that’s happening in this industry today.

I may piss some people off, but I don’t really care because someone has to say it. These people may sell 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000 or even 20,000 plus people these $27 and $37 products, but what they’re really doing is taking those names; your names and email addresses or phone number, and they’re selling it to a sales floor somewhere in Utah, for example, where in turn these people are calling and trying to sell you a $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 coaching program, whereas that marketer gets a piece of the whole thing.

That’s what’s happening and it’s sick and disgusting, yet marketers contin- ue to do it and people keep falling for it. It has to stop!

You see the people that are responsible for cleaning up this industry is US. If we want the crap to stop out there, then we have to let these people know that you won’t put up with it — that you will call them out on their BS, and you won’t buy their products anymore. That’s what has to happen.

I am not slamming everyone in the industry because there are a lot of great products and a lot of great people on the Internet that teach legitimate marketing strategies that will show you how to do things and they break their backs developing those strategies, using them personally and then telling you how to do this. There are a tremendous amount of people out there doing just that, but they get deluded by all the other crap that’s been coming out into the marketplace lately.

Here’s a key question to ask—is the person selling you the product using the tactics and strategies they are showing you? If not, then it doesn’t work! So be aware, what’s happening out there. There is no blue pill. And if there was, no one is going to give it to you for $37.

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Armand Morin

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world.

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