5 Strange & Powerful Split Testing Results

5 Strange & Powerful Split Testing ResultsIf you’re not split testing, it’s an easy way to improve your conversions. Send half your traffic to page A and half to page B and figure out which of those pages get you more opt-ins or sales. If you want a decent converting webpage you should split test. I’m going to share with you what web page improvements made more sales.

5 Strange & Powerful Split Testing Results

Split Test #1: Adding a Logo Increases Conversions.

For years, I resisted adding graphics or logos on my web pages but I had to add a logo because of the 100-point checklist. When I split tested those results, I had a 1.99% conversion rate without a logo and 3.57% conversion rate with a logo. In other words, I only had about two out of every 100 people buy without  a logo but with a logo, over three out of every 100 people bought from me. Most marketers agree that a logo adds legitimacy and gets you more sales.

Split Test #2: The “Get Over Yourself”  Headline  (1.07%) vs. Control Headline (3.24%).

I took part  of  my  headline,  removed a few words and tested to see how it converted. It tripled my sales. I didn’t test a  drastically  different  headline, I removed three words from that headline. Lesson: removing and split testing a piece of your headline has unpredictable results. At least split test a slightly changed headline.

Split Test #3: Text Head- line (2.21%) vs. Graphical Headline (3.92%).

I took the text version of my headline—red and black large text centered on the page. I wrote the same text in Photoshop then circled and underlined words in the headline to draw attention. It doubled my conversion rate using the same words, colors and font in the headline but one headline had graphical drawings. Lesson: you need an attention-grabbing headline that gets people to keep reading.

Split Test #4: “Free Instant Acccess” Button (14.5%) vs. “Time Management System” Button

(45.8%). Some gurus tell you to place the text “Add to Cart” on your order button and the text “Free Instant Access” on your email subscribe button. I made an opt-in page that asked people for their name and email address. The submit button had the words “Free Instant Access.”

My variation page changed the button text to, “Time Management System.” In other words, the button described what people get after they sign up. This increased conversions from 14.5% to 45.8%. I tripled the number of opt-ins. Before, about 14 out of every 100 people signed up and after, over 45 out of every 100 (about half) signed up to my mailing list. Lesson: You shouldn’t always necessarily say the words, “Free Instant Access” or “Add to Cart.” Actually tell people what they’re going to get from you.

Split Test #5: Optin Page with Video (49.7%) vs. Nothingness (54.7%).

Many marketers tell you video improves sales and opt-ins. The lesson: split test against nothingness. Even if you think you have the best headline or video ever, it can’t hurt to create a variation page with nothing in its place. I’m not  dissing  video, but removing video from one of my opt-in pages gave me a tiny boost in conversions.

I’ve given you a few split test results, but these  are  only  “my”  results. You should still split test your sales letter. Add a logo, test the headline, test a  graphical  headline,  change  the wordage on your submit buttons and split test elements like video vs. nothingness. We don’t always know why certain changes work, only that they make us more money.

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Robert Plank

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