Starting Out

Starting Out

Getting Known In the Internet Marketing Space

“You want when people hear your name they think about what your core industry is and what you want to be known for.”

Armand Morin

When I went into the Internet Marketing space, I did it in a very calculating way.

I knew where I wanted to be in the space, and I had a really good idea of how to get there. I had to find something that was needed in the marketplace and wasn’t being talked about, and that’s exactly what I did. As a matter of fact, I talked about it until it was almost a dead subject.

What you may or may not know about me is that when I first started teaching and speaking on Internet Marketing, I didn’t talk about the marketing end of the industry. I essentially talked about outsourcing. I talked about how to get other people to create software for you, basically making software without ever having to program anything. And those techniques literally changed the whole marketplace.

Starting Out

I talked on that one subject because no one else could compete with me because no one was remotely doing what I was doing in that space as far as selling software and not programming it themselves. No one else really understood how to outsource like I did.

I did a lot of different things in that one small space. My flagship course was how to outsource and how to develop software. That’s what I became known for.

Eventually, it came to the point where I didn’t want to be known for that. I wanted to be known as the guy who knows Internet  Marketing  rather than the guy who knew how to make software, and I reinvented myself which is something that has to happen in any business in order for it to continue moving forward.

My point in telling you this is when are getting started, you have to decide what you want to be known for.

Once you decide, you need to create products around that one idea.

As an example, let’s say you are in the diet industry. In this market, I recommend creating some much lower end products to create a following. I’m talking $7-21 products. Each one might only teach one specific technique, aspect or principle. Then move up from there to $37-$47-$77-$97 products. Of course, the pricing depends on the market you are in because typically, the weight loss industry doesn’t have super high pricing.

To make a higher end product more palatable to the general public, you might think about doing something like 3 payments of $47 for a higher end product. The point is you want to create a product line, not just a single product. You want to emphasize and enhance your main objective.

You want when people hear your name they think about what your core industry is and what you want to be known for. You have to start with a product in order to build a product line to sustain becoming an expert in that field. It takes time. This doesn’t happen overnight, but if you are trying to build a sustainable business, that’s okay.

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