Choices, Consequences and Commitments

Choices, Consequences and Commitments

It’s the first of the year and the first post of the year as well. Today’s topic is relevant to how many people feel every now and then and I think it’s appropriate to start the year. Watch it and enjoy!

Hi, my name is Armand Morin, and it is 2018 and today. I think it’s appropriate that we talk about three things and that is choices. Consequences and commitments and let’s start off with one very simple thing that I want to share with you guys. It’s confession. So you ready I actually didn’t want to shoot this video today

It is January first. I am feeling lazy is rather look almost at night. Let’s put it that way, and I just didn’t feel like doing it today. Everyone has those days where you just need a rest. I’ve been working really hard the last five or six days in a row and just pushing my body and my mind to the Limit

And I just didn’t feel like doing it, so what do you do in those particular cases? Well? Here’s what happened to me earlier today? I was sitting there, and I was lying down literally on the couch watching a television show and I just relax and getting my mind off work getting my mind kind of prepared to start tomorrow fresh, and and I was making every excuse in the world not to come down here

Not to walk in Turn All the Lights On turn the camera on and start recording this video, but. I made a choice first of all I made the choice to actually get off my ass and actually do something so whenever you’re in that funk where you just don’t feel like doing something make a decision you have to make a decision order to actually do something that you really want to do because

That brings us to another piece that I want to talk to you about I made a commitment you see in the planning stages of what I plan to do in 2018. I made a commitment and that was to do a new video every single day and to put it up there no matter what I’m doing no matter. How busy I am no matter

What’s going on. Whether it be a two-minute video a 30 second video or even in our video my commitment is to dedicate myself to to this whole format that. We’re doing which is primarily a Content strategy as far as marketing my business, which is quite. Honestly. It’s kind of a new strategy for me

I’m very big into advertising and various methods and various platforms, but I’ve never really been a Content guy, and I fell ways figured that video was probably the best way for me to do this so in my planning stages up to January first my my commitment was to do a new video every single day, so

If I didn’t do this today if I did not do this video today. What happens well. I have consequences the consequences is I screw my whole strategy, which means I could do the rest of the year 364 days, and I would have a great track record even if I did a video every single day from here on out. But the problem is the consequence is that I didn’t actually do a full year, and that would probably bother me to no end knowing that I did 364 days and not 365 days, but also it’s a bigger piece of the overall mindset strategy you see whenever we do anything in life

Whether it be wanting to lose weight, which probably many of you have made resolutions including myself to lose weight this coming year you have consequences to everything that you do whether be what we eat or whether we? Exercise or not or it’s the choices that we make on a daily basis. Let’s put it that way you see every thing and every idea that we have every decision that we make has we have a choice in it, and that’s what we’ve got to get through

We’ve got to understand that choices dictate exactly where our station in life is going to be the person you are today is the result of the choices you made five years ago. Well. Let me let me repeat that just for one moment the choices that you make today. Are the results I should say the place where you are today and the person you are today is the result of the choices that you made five years ago now

What does that mean? Well think about where you were five years ago, and the decisions that you made back, then they had an impact in some way some small butterfly effect to where you are exactly right now today now the choices that we make today is going to dictate where we’re going to be five years from now

So if we want to advance ourselves in our life and no matter what area of our life. Whether it be our relationships our financial situations our business we need to make better choices. It’s actually a quite simple concept when you really think about it make better choices. Have a better life. You can’t really get much more simple than that but also along with those choices is that you have to understand that if you make the wrong choices that there’s a consequence to it something happens something typically bad

Happens if you make the wrong choice, and that’s just reality there is no you know painting that pretty in any way shape or form if we’re trying to lose weight, and we eat the wrong food. We gain weight. That’s the end result if we don’t go to work. Then we don’t Advance our business. We don’t make money

That’s really quite simple when you really think about it like that, but also it comes down to one thing and that is a commitment you see we have to have commitments. We have to hold ourselves to these commitments and that takes. A lot of willpower sometimes it’s a matter of changing your mindset and sometimes

It’s just thinking of a good reason you see we can think of a lot of reasons not to do something but always we just need one reason to actually carry through. With what we decided to do the choice that we made in other words does that make sense so my decisions and for 2018. I have a lot of big goals

I have a lot of Big Ideas that I want to implement and this video strategy is certainly part of it, and my intention is to Simply do a new video each and every day, and here’s my challenge for you coming up in this next coming year make a decision to do something small every day to advance yourself

Whether it be in your personal life. Would be in your business life, whether it be in your relationships, whether it be in something else that you’re doing, but make a small commitment because those small commitments lead up to a bigger change down the road that butterfly effect coming into your life, and actually making a much drastic change later on down the road because small choices small decisions lead to bigger decisions lead to bigger commitments which takes bigger actions, and you ease yourself into that process so we have a lot of

Great things that I want to share with you all this coming year. I have a lot of big goals and we’ll be talking about those more as we go throughout the year, but 2018 is here. There is no hiding the most beautiful part of a new year, is that we actually have a clean slate where it’s like. We’re whole new person

It’s like we moved to a new school and no one knows this we can make the year exactly what we want it to be good or bad, but again choices. Commitments and consequences you have to understand that everything we do in life revolves around those three simple Concepts so with that my name is Armand Morin

I’ll be talking you soon about a lot of other great things so again. Thank you very much. I’ll talk to you soon, but by everybody.

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