Realize Your SUPER SELF in 2018!

Realize Your SUPER SELF in 2018!

My “Super Self” took me from a successful businessman to an innovator, Internet trendsetter, best-selling country western singer and an international speaker, allowing me to use a certain mindset and several powerful tools on my journey to success.

These tools include:

  • Training Your Mind
  • Super Self = Achieving Your Goals
  • Subconscious To Conscious
  • Building Your Super Self

Let’s take a closer look at these.

Training Your Mind

Every athlete knows to properly to properly train your body you must first train your mind. Success comes to those who have the willpower and strength to persevere when the going gets tough. Even through physical challenges, most of the battle of finishing the race and making it to top place occurs in your mind. When the mind is strong, it will keep your body moving forward until you reach your goal.

A properly trained mind enables you to work outside of your element and instills a sense of confidence and the desire to push yourself further than you have ever gone before. Done correctly you are able to create your most powerful “YOU”—what I call your Super Self!

There are a couple of important points that will help you understand the concept of Super Self and the mindset necessary to create it.

You Have the Answers Within

You already have the answers inside of you. You ask yourself thousands of questions every single day. It sometimes seems that the harder you try to make a change, the more resistance you encounter.

Whether you realize it or not, you already have the answers to all your questions. You have been exposed to so many things that you do not realize how much knowledge you already have obtained. You have tools within you to overcome obstacles. You have forgotten most of the information you have already learned and you only process two to three percent of what is happening at any given point in your life.

Although there are literally millions of events going on around you all the time,

your mind is only processing about 40 items at a time.

Just take a look around. What’s going on? If you’re near a window, perhaps you can see nature carrying on outside, maybe you can hear a heater running or the shuffling of papers.

If the TV is on, you are most likely being bombarded by many different scenes. As all these things, and more, are simultaneously going on around you. Your mind is absorbing and remembering, whether you realize it or not. How much information are you missing? How much have you tuned out or thought to be insignificant?

When someone speaks, in addition to hearing what they are saying, you are also processing their real meaning through their body language, the way they look, the tone and inflection of their voice, eye movements, mouth movements, gestures etc. Your brain is processing all this information even though you are not aware of it.

Each day you interact, process, retain and discard. It’s a process you do over and over again, day after day, and it’s mostly done in your subconscious mind.

Can you imagine how much information has been processed throughout your entire life? Whether you learned it from a book, saw it in a movie, or heard it from a friend, you actually have all that information stored within you. The challenge is accessing it.

Limiting Success Filters

Why does your mind suppress this information?

When you have a task to do, your brain only accesses the information it feels you can handle at that particular time. I call these “Limiting Success Filters” because by limiting the amount of information your brain can access at one time, it in turn, limits your potential for success.

One of the primary focuses of these filters is based upon your self-esteem or how you view yourself as a person and your potential to succeed in life. You subconsciously place your own filter into your brain function. It’s placed there based on the way you act, the way you perform and the way you do things. You may not realize it, but your level of self-esteem, if low, may be what’s holding you back.

You may actually be your own worst enemy. You may be self-sabotaging any chance at success you’ve ever had and not even realize it.

Success Catalysts

There are techniques that can be used to cause your subconscious to release some of the information. These are what I call “Success Catalysts.” There are specific techniques in bringing the information you’ve stored from your subconscious to your conscious.

You need a whatever it takes attitude. “No matter what it takes, I will get the job done. I will complete the task. I will achieve the goal.” That is a winning attitude!

Many times, conditioning and environment plays a part in someone having low self-esteem. The conditioning you experienced throughout your life, up until today, is NOT your fault. Perhaps until this moment you were not aware that your environment could affect your ability to succeed. Not being aware could very well affect and limit your success. This took me a long time to understand, but once I understood it, it made a big difference in my life.

Most children do not receive success training at home. Even though your parents may have done a great job in raising you, they may not have taught you the success lessons that would allow you to become successful. They may have taught you strategies on how to get by in life, and those strategies were based on what they learned.

I was raised by parents who taught me right from wrong and how to be respectful of others. They taught me many things I am grateful for and were great parents. They taught me lessons that they believed I could use in life to make me a productive and independent person. But my parents were not successful in the financial world. They were not living their dream, so they were only able to teach me what they knew.

Even as a child growing up, I knew that I was not learning lessons of success because we did not live in a big, fancy house. I’m not saying success is all about material things, but as a child, I knew instinctively that there was more to learn about life than what I was learning at home. As I grew older and started yearning for and desiring success, I had to replace my old beliefs about achieving success with a different way of thinking before I could succeed in my ventures.

Super Self = Achieving Your Goals

You have to be responsible for your own life and success. No matter what your upbringing was, from this point forward, if you fail to achieve your goals, the failure can only be blamed on you. You are responsible for your current environment. You have to take responsibility for where you are in life right now. Until you do, you will have a need or will want to place the blame on somebody else for your lack of whatever it is that you desire in life.

One big lesson my mom taught me was that you can do anything you want, if you want it bad enough. My mom was a tiny, Filipino woman, not even five feet tall, yet her words of encouragement got me through many challenges as I struggled to make my own way in the world. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then yes, you CAN achieve success. If you are not willing to work hard, then it’s not going to happen for you. It’s a simple fact!

Take Responsibility

To create your “Super Self,” YOU must take responsibility. YOU have to take control of your life, your thoughts and, yes, even your environment. By changing your environment, you can certainly change your thoughts. It all depends on your circumstances and how you perceive reality. You can create change instantly if you want to. It all comes down to your comfort level. The more uncomfortable you are, the more you are willing to work, the more change you create. The fact is, many of us are just to darn comfortable where we are right now.

What is your driving force? There are only two things that will determine your success or ability to accomplish a specific goal—pain and reward.

You tend to do something because either the pain is so great that you have to take action in order to make it go away, or the desire for the reward is so great that you must take action. You are either moving away from something or moving toward something. Everything in life is based around these to things. Either the pain is the driving force or the desire/reward is the driving force. You have to recognize your driving force and use it to your benefit. Can these two driving forces exist at the same time? The answer is yes, 100% YES!

Subconscious To Conscious

Awareness is the key to everything you do in life. It is needed for self-realization. Before you can move forward with change, you must be aware of your current position. This is your starting point. The fact is, this is who you are at this point in your life.

You need to formulate a plan and a path. It’s important to remember you cannot expect to change your thinking quickly. A change in environment may allow you to change your immediate thinking quickly, but you can’t expect long-lasting changes to take place immediately. You can change your environment right away and work hard enough to change your thinking long enough to get back to your natural environment. But for long-term effects to take place, you first need to formulate a plan and a path.

You will need to delegate tasks in areas where you are weak. Know your own strengths and weaknesses and make the best of your strengths. For example, I am very poor at following up with people. After recognizing the problem, I created a solution to remedy it. My solution was to build a team of people who were great at follow up. I have surrounded myself with people who are great at what I am worst at and the results have been phenomenal. My strengths can now grow stronger and my weaknesses, while still there, are taken care of by my team. By becoming aware of who you are, you can create a path and a plan so that you can move forward towards success.

I recommend using a “success journal” in order to facilitate the process. Your success journal will begin with who you are right now. In it you will lay out your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t procrastinate, get a notebook or even just a sheet of paper and start listing your strengths right now.

Write them all down. Include strengths in the area of your life that you are currently focused on improving. Or, maybe you want to list strengths in all the areas in your life that need improving. Include personal, financial, spiritual, professional etc.

You may have to dig deep to come up with an accurate list of your strengths. Don’t rush it, take your time and go over the details of everything you do. What have others said about you? Is there anything you regularly receive compliments on? Have you accomplished something specific in an area(s) of your life?

If you are still struggling with this list, call a good friend or family member, make sure it’s someone who will tell you the brutal truth, no matter what. That person will be able to help pinpoint your strengths, and even weaknesses, you may not be aware of.

Now switch to your weaknesses. What is affecting you? What are the problems you currently have? These are your weaknesses. Just as with strengths, you can include weaknesses in all areas of your life or in just the area you are currently focusing on. Make sure you are authentic with yourself as you create these lists.

Why do all this? The answer is easy—I want to build you up and get you on your way to success! With these lists, you are creating a self-assessment of exactly who you currently are. You need to build on who you are now in order to build your “Super Self”! This starting point is set by your past and present environment, thought processes and mindset. Your finishing point is something you have yet to create.

Don’t Let Your Starting Point Frustrate You

Where you finish is not based on where you start. No matter how much work is needed internally and externally, how much growing up you must do, how much maturing you have to do, or how much learning you have to do, if you’re willing to put forth the effort to make yourself what you want to be, you can reach any goal in life.

If you have a laundry list of weaknesses and only a handful of strengths, don’t let that stop or intimidate you. I have many weaknesses that I’ve had to acknowledge and overcome. You’re human, thus not perfect. There isn’t a person alive who is good at everything they do, no matter how much they think they are, so don’t get caught up with the list. Just focus on what you can do to work with who you are right now.

Determining your strengths and weaknesses is the entry point on to the road to success! You have acknowledged your strengths and weaknesses and know what you need to work on. It’s totally up to you whether you pick up your pen or pencil and make your lists by facing your true self and discovering where you are right now. You have to make the commitment to change.

Building Your Super Self

Your “Super Self” is an enhanced and perfected version of yourself. Imagine someone just like you. They look like you, walk like you, talk like you…with one additional feature…they are perfect. They have all the answers, and they know all the questions. They know everything; they are Google and Wikipedia rolled into one.

It’s time to create your Super Self!

Here is what you need to do to get in touch with your Super Self, your new superhero and infinite resource.

  • Pick a quiet spot, get centered, close your eyes
  • Mentally look in front of you
  • Imagine your Super Self sitting across from you. It’s your Super Self twin who looks, walks, talks and sounds just like you.
  • Know that your Super Self twin has all the answers to whatever questions you may have. Your Super Self twin remembers everything you have ever learned even everything you have forgotten.
  • You are now going to ask your Super Self twin questions and Super Self is going to give you the correct answers because Super Self knows everything you have learned and observed for your entire life.
  • Each time you ask a question, envision yourself giving the correct answer.

Right now, you may be thinking “this is ridiculous!” Have faith and keep reading. What I described is the technique Napoleon Hill used in his trainings and his mastermind principle…it works.

Now imagine yourself asking your Super Self the question, “If you wanted to be a better person where would you start?”

You can ask it out loud or in your head. By asking the question­, listening and expecting an answer, you will get an answer. Super Self know the information. You have to expect the answer. If you don’t understand the answer just ask Super Self to explain it a little more. Ask, “What do you mean by that?” and wait for the answer.

By visualizing that you are talking with another person, it commands your brain to research the question and deliver the answers. Your brain will ultimately dig into the depths of your subconscious—into the depths of your memory, to go deeper than it has ever gone before to deliver you the correct answer.

This entire process can take place in seconds. The more you do it, the better and faster it will become.

This process has an additional benefit. As you are asking the questions you are visualizing yourself giving the correct answers back to you. Doing this is actually building up your self-esteem and helping you learn to trust yourself.

Trust Your Super Self

Trust is an important factor here. You have to trust you have the answers. This technique will give you total access to the answers. By using this technique and learning to trust yourself, you are gaining access to a whole new world that you have not yet discovered. This is the turning point. This is how you achieve overwhelming success: you accept that you can move through any challenges, go forward and create desire, avoid the pain and build your life the way you envision it. As you use these techniques more and more, you will access a different level of yourself, a level that very few people reach. That gives you the edge that will make a massive difference to your success.

Trust leads to experience, which leads to results, which leads to success. The more success you achieve, the more trustworthy your beliefs. The more you believe and trust in Super Self, the more you will ultimately learn to trust yourself, which keeps the cycle to success moving forward.

True Decisions

The true decision is the toughest type to make and it is also the most rewarding. It’s the decision that you ultimately want. It means that once you make the decision to do something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. A true decision is unconditional. You may not have made a change because you have not made the true decision that you truly want your dreams and goals.

A true decision is not something you make hastily; it takes time and should be well thought out. A true decision must also be right for you and your family. This is NOT a wish. This is NOT a dream. This is NOT, “I hope for that.” This is, “I AM going to!”

Once you have made the decision, every part of your being, including your thinking process and your emotions becomes aligned with it. That decision will guide you and your life—this is where the magic happens. That may sound strange, but I’m telling you once you make that true decision, it will put you on the right path, and it will be obvious to you. I believe once you are on the right path, you are in tune with what you are supposed to be doing with your life; things happen, opportunities appear and doors begin to open for you. The true decision is crucial to your success.

I know this sounds cliché, but you have the power within you. You have the capability to achieve your dreams and transform your life into the lifestyle you have always wanted. It comes down, ultimately, to the realization that you have what it takes to succeed and that when you make a decision, you’ll ensure that your decision is true.

A relationship with your Super Self increases self-confidence. The more I have talked to my Super Self, I have seen that I do have the answers and that I CAN achieve the things I want to in my life. The more I have seen the correct answers, the more right decisions I have made.

More and more correct decisions will increase your belief levels and make them so high that you will create a powerful and contagious persona around yourself. It will create a whole new you, and it will become you. With each new decision and with each bit of information, your Super Self is starting to emerge from inside of you to actually becoming you.

The more you use your Super Self, the more it becomes you and people begin to take notice. It’s amazing! This technique is so easy, so simple and yet so powerful.

As we move into a new year, remember, you deserve a better life. You deserve to live your dreams. Create your starting point for 2018 and beyond RIGHT NOW


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