Motivation – How To Develop A Lifestyle Of Motivation – Part Three

Goals are dreams we convert to plans and take action to fulfill.”

Zig ziglar

Part Three Of “How to Develop a Lifestyle of Motivation” series.

Develop A Lifestyle Of Motivation

I hope you took the time to examine and set clearly defined boundaries in your life that will help keep you on the path of staying motivated and reaching your goals.

If you take a look at major achievers you will realize that they are long-term goal setters. They set short terms goals…but they are usually progressive steps towards their long-term goals.

I’m sure most of you know about the “Law of Attraction”. Whenever you really commit (not just hope and wish) to a long-term goal, your body, mind and spirit are tuned in to recognizing and bringing into existence circumstances that will help that goal be realized.

Committing to a long-term goal goes beyond dreaming and hoping that someday, somehow maybe a “fantasy” will be fulfilled. Committing to a long- term goal means that you take action with very specific principles and procedures (with clear time frames) towards making that goal a reality.

When you have a clearly defined long- term goal, then each waking moment your senses are tuned in and sharply focused towards keeping you motivated to stay on track.

Here are 5 guidelines to setting long- term goals:

  1. Clearly define  your goals
  2. Write out your overall strategy to achieving  those goals
  3. Anticipate problems and plan out solutions to overcome those situations
  4. Make short term goals, with clearly defined time frames
  5. Take action… do it now!

(1) Think of going on a long road trip. You have your final destination in mind. (2) You make a plan for your daily route throughout the road trip. (3) You should always have a plan “B” for unforeseen problems that may arise along your route. (4) Hopefully along the way, you have smaller destinations that you will stop at and enjoy. (5) And unless you put your plan into action, you will never reach your final destination.

No matter what your long-term goal is…In order to stay motivated, you must have clearly defined, measurable, short term goals. Achieving those short-term goals gives you a sense of reward and a renewed energy and excitement that will help carry you through to the finish line.

Sometimes when you reach a goal, there is a letdown after the “prize” has been won. That is why short-term goals need to be connected to long- term goals. Long-term goals will help prolong the satisfaction of reaching the short-term goal.


  • Principle 1:  Long-term goals create a roadmap for motivation and success
  • Principle 2:  Long-term goals turn fantasy  thinking into reality
  • Principle 3:  Short-term goals are sign posts along  the way that  keep you on the right track to reaching your long term  goals

Remember:   Motivation is your BEST YOU!

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