Developing a Lifestyle of Motivation – Part Two

Motivation Makes Your Best You!

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Part Two: “How To Develop A Lifestyle Of Motivation” Series

I hope you’ve implemented all of the principles from part one in this series and have been keeping a journal of your progress so that you can look back and see documented, notable changes in your level of Developing of a Lifestyle of Motivation.

Developing a Lifestyle of Motivation - Part Two

The next step in your overall transformation of being “motivated on purpose,” is that you need to have clearly defined boundaries.

When you have clearly defined boundaries, you are automatically way ahead of your competition.

You cannot ever be successful when you try to be all things to all people. Too many coals in the fire not only can cause burnout but also have the tendency to make you mediocre — at best!

There is no shame in admitting that you can’t do everything. But when you set clear boundaries of what you want to achieve in life and business, there is great freedom in knowing that you can do something and be really great at it.

There are many time wasters and dream stealers you may not be consciously aware of.  Many worthwhile opportunities will present themselves to you, but you need to weigh out each opportunity and assess whether or not it fits into your current life and business goals (defined boundaries).

Realize that when you take on a commitment that doesn’t fall in line with the direction you want to go, it requires motivation on your part to do and finish the task.  So the motivation you are required to use to honor your “outside of your boundaries” commitment has to come from somewhere.

And that “somewhere” is that it actually ends up robbing you of your motivation, time and resources needed for the things that you truly have a strong desire and passion for achieving.

Take some time right now to make a list and carefully examine things and people that distract, discourage or sabotage you from reaching your ultimate life and business goals in the following areas:

  • Physically
  • Mentally
  • Financially
  • Socially
  • Morally
  • Politically
  • Geographically

After examining your list, you may have to make the tough decision to remove some people from your life or at least distance them from your realm of influence.

When you distance yourself from people or situations that suck the life out of you and/or dominate your time and resources, it allows you to think more clearly.

When you are able to do that, it creates an atmosphere where you can change your mindset to become more motivated so that you can achieve the things you are passionate about…and in return life becomes more enjoyable and exhilarating.

As you become more acutely aware of time wasters and dream stealers, update your list often. Don’t let your old way of thinking creep back in. It will try and make you rationalize your involvement to a potential “foreign” commitment (a commitment that doesn’t conform to the boundaries you have chosen).

Make sure when you are presented with an opportunity you refer back to this list so that you can choose whether or not it is worthy of your motivational energy.

Frequently reassess and sharpen your boundaries. It keeps you attune to reevaluating your life and helps to make sure that you continue on the path of happiness and success.

You will find that having clearly defined boundaries make life easier and less complicated. It is empowering to know that by using the boundaries you have chosen as your guide map, that those boundaries, will make decisions that need to be made easier and personality clashes will be reduced.

You will see that your spiritual and physical energy and mental attitude are being directed by YOUR CHOICES… not left to chance.

You must guard your “motivation” as a precious gift. It is actually the lifeline towards happiness and success. Care needs to be taken to ensure that a time wasters or dream stealers, of any kind, doesn’t intrude or sneak in and minimize your effectiveness towards achieving your current life and business goals.

Have clearly defined boundaries and protect them well!


  • Principle 1: Clearly defined boundaries are not limitations…they are your guide map to achieving happiness and success.
  • Principle 2: You must be selective if you want to reserve your motivation for the things that truly matter to you.
  • Principle 3: Keep of a list of things and/or people that have the potential to sabotage your motivation.
  • Principle 4: Boundaries are empowering…they make life exhilarating, enjoyable and easier.

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