Newsletters As A Stick Strategy?

What is a stick strategy? It’s anything you can do to make sure the sale  of your information product stands with your customer. In other words, it isn’t refunded – it sticks.

Let’s say you’re selling a higher priced home study course, for example a $997 course on real estate investing. It’s only a couple dollars a month for you to send a four page newsletter. It doesn’t have to be a huge newsletter but you could just send an 11×17 folded in half newsletter.

Number one, it’s a bonus value for the purchasers of your home study course. It’s a $29.97 or more value per month newsletter that you’re giving you as a bonus, but, more importantly, it’s a stick strategy for your product number one.

Newsletters As A Stick Strategy?

Number two you can use it  to  do  all the other things that we talk about with newsletters – educating, selling other products and services, etc. There are  so  many  different  ways  to  monetize  a newsletter and people who have purchased a high priced home study course from you are definitely the most likely to buy additional products and services from you.

And your “stick strategy” newsletter doesn’t even necessarily have to be your highest level newsletter. Maybe you have a “gold” level newsletter and you use a “silver” level newsletter as a stick strategy for people buying your higher priced products.

You can use your newsletter either with a physical product as a stick strategy or as a long term additional revenue generator, because it gets something in their hands that you can market and sell other products through month after month.

Newsletters As A Stick Strategy?When you’re selling what I call big box packages, information products that sell for several hundred to several thousand dollars; one of the key things you’re always going to be battling with is the issue of refunds and making sure that the product sticks.

Anything you can do to keep that product in your customers’ hands leaves more money in your pocket. The whole idea  of using a continuity newsletter as a stick strategy is incredible.

Your newsletter can also be a type of stick strategy for your event attendees. If you do high priced live seminars then it’s a way to keep in touch with these people. Keep the warm feeling they received from attending the event lasting longer. That way they’re more apt to sign up   for more of your events as they become available.

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Heather Seitz

Heather got started investing in real estate back in 2002. She learned real quickly that in order to succeed in the competitive market, she needed to become a master of direct response marketing. She currently owns several business, markets multiple information products nationally, and continues a successful real estate career.

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