Persistence wins

A Simple Story on How Persistence Paid Off At Disney

We recently attended an event in Los Angeles. We make it a priority to have a minimum of a day or two of fun (or relaxation), if any way possible, before or after business trips in the city we are in.

This time, Lauren requested to go to Disneyland and said it could even be her Christmas present. This was an experience none of us had ever had, so we added two days at the parks on the tail end of our trip to head to Anaheim, California.

Day one was Disneyland. As a forty something mom, I was surprised that my favorite rides were the Matterhorn Bobsleds and Indiana Jones Adventure (it shocked my hubby, too!).

person holding Minnie Mouse headband overlooking castle
The Elusive Headband

We spent that day enjoying the park and searching for the elusive red plaid bow headband Lauren wanted, convinced that despite being told they were sold out, we would triumph and find that one place where a box had been found; we searched every possible store and stand, but to no avail.

Disappointed, around dinner time, she gave up and decided to get the light up Star Wars ears. She then thought they were really cool and recorded a quick video and sent it to her cousin.

You should know, my sister’s five kids are Star Wars freaks. I mean ANYTHING Star Wars, old, new, cartoons, movies, games, characters, you name it, they watch/play it!

Her second child, Brandon, in particular is fourteen and has stated he doesn’t want to grow up because he wants to continue to play Star Wars forever. He literally lives and breathes Star Wars. So, we sent Lauren’s video to him.

He was back home on the East Coast so he didn’t get it until the next day. His text back was simply—I love them! I want them!

Christmas is two weeks away, so we decided on our second day in the park, we would get Brandon a pair. Little did we know that the ONLY place you can buy these are at Tomorrowland in Disneyland.

OH NO! So we started out day two in Disney’s California Adventure, once again convinced that they must be wrong. We looked high and low throughout the park and decided maybe we could find them in Downtown Disney so we left the park early on our continued quest. Nope— they were nowhere to be found.

Exhausted from a great four-day event of networking/learning and our two days at the parks, we figured we would try one last thing. We went back to the gate store at Disneyland and asked if there was anyway that someone could bring a pair up or if I could pay someone to go down and get a pair.

The cashier talked to their lead who said they couldn’t help, but to try guest services.

Waited through a line there, and talked to the cashier who talked to her lead and was told they couldn’t help, but said the lead at the gate lead might be able to. At this point, we had probably put several hours into this search and were ready to give up, but then decided we took it this far, we might as well walk back over to the gate and try one more time.

Hmm… which agent looks the friendlist?… Let’s try Dawn. “Hi Dawn!…”

I explained the situation, what I had done so far, and gave her a few details about my nephew and my sister’s health situation, explaining there was no way she would be able to get him to Disneyland. I even said two of us would stay at the gate to serve as insurance that the other one would come back. One of us just needed to get in there for ten minutes to run to Tomorrowland, and she would make a kid happy for Christmas.

She saw we had a Naples pizza box from Downtown Disney in our hands and said, I’ll get my lead for a piece of pizza. I told her she could have the entire box if she made this happen. She laughed and said she was just kidding and called her lead.

Dawn was literally a blast to talk to. At this point it was almost eleven o-clock so it was pretty quiet at the entrance gates so we had a great conversation while we waited for her lead. The lead came over and Dawn didn’t even have to get halfway into the story when she said let her in.

YAY!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

My husband told me he would do it so my daughter and I waited for what seemed like forever (guess what, Tomorrowland isn’t as close as you think it is after walking 18 miles in 48 hours!) I get a text that says, they are sold out!

Oh my gosh; Seriously?!?! There were bins of them the previous day. UGH!

He said, I’m going to try one more place and guess what–he found a pair. So Thank You Dawn and Lead (she was in and out so fast, we missed getting her name). Brandon will be one happy Star Wars fanatic at Christmas.

Persistence and Kindness Pay Off

That situation could have turned out so differently, depending on if I had chosen to give up or get mad that I kept getting sent from one side of the entrance to the other, but persistence and kindness pay off; the same is true in business. I have a ton of customer service stories that I have personally witnessed and been part of to prove it!

My husband and I are already talking about a return trip someday, but this time, we would like to have more than 48 hours. We’ll be back one day, Mickey—thanks for the memories!

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