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Here’s another very simple tip. I do everything from my laptop. Also, the way my house and office are set up I have different rooms that I work out of. I have my office, then my training center is next door, and I have a separate video area set up. Plus, I travel a lot. So, my laptop is moved around a lot.

white and blue coated wires

I know this sounds minimal but I have a separate power cord in all the areas where I use my laptop. I also have one in my bag so that it’s always there when I travel. So, when I move my computer, I don’t need to go to the power receptacle (which is usually hidden behind something) and unplug my power cord.

I just unplug it from the laptop when I move and then just plug in the cord that’s already setup in the new location. It’s simple but it’s a great time saver. I never have to worry about running back to the previous location because I forgot the cord.

I duplicate other things for this same reason. I have a separate mouse in my travel bag. I also have a separate microphone in my travel bag; it just makes life easier. I don’t have to disconnect and pack things up each time I travel. I try to have all the cords and adapters I need already packed in my bag. It eliminates the stress of forgetting things.

black and silver camera with stand

Do you do video or audio recording? If you do, get a desk boom arm for your mic. Just Google it, and you’ll find all kinds of them advertised. They literally clamp onto your desk and you put your mic in the holder at the end of the boom. You can swing them in front of you when you need them and swing them away when you don’t need them.

It clears up desk space when you don’t have the mic sitting on the desk in front of you. Do a little research and you should find one that works with your desk. If you can’t clamp one to your desk, you may be able to get a boom mic stand and set it alongside your desk.

Be open to adapting nontraditional things in order to make your environment more productive.

You may not know this, but I threw out my $6000 desk and put in two heavy dining room tables that had thick enough tops to hold what I want on it. What was wrong with my desk? Nothing, but it was not deep enough to set up my desk and equipment like I need it.

I may have been able to find a desk that was both deep and long enough but it would have cost me thousands of dollars. The two tables were less than $500. Remember, you may need to think innovatively to get things set up like you need them.

If you’re handy enough, you could even build your own desk for much less or search on Craig’s list and other places for used furniture and equipment.

pencil and pencil on container

Here’s another REALLY simple thing…have a box of pens handy. How many times have you been on the phone and either you or the other person says, “Hold on, I need to find a pen”? And once a pen is found, it usually doesn’t work! I have a box of new pens and they are always in easy reach of my chair. In the same vein, have notepaper, 3 x 5 cards, or post it notes handy.

You may need a good headset one that will block out ambient noise. We all know that the noise of construction work, airplanes flying overhead etc. can be distracting. But sometimes we seem to be overly sensitive to just normal house or room ambient noise. The furnace or A/C, appliances running, etc. Sometimes I just need silence.

I recommend noise canceling headsets. I recommend getting a Bose headset. They cost more, but they are worth it. Remember the suit analogy I used at the beginning of this article. Another great thing about the Bose noise canceling headset is they also come in a wireless model.

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