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There are two main objectives in sales — to get the sale and then to increase the amount of sales. Whether we realize it or not, we are salesmen selling people on our message and we do it through various forms — books, audios and videos.

We help others by providing education and knowledge through our product resources and what this does for us is open up a secret goldmine that can bring even more wealth.

I get excited when I talk about this secret goldmine because there are actually several ways that it can help anyone’s motivational speaking career—more than just money. This goldmine is often underused and over- looked as an opportunity for wealth creation but in reality, this secret gold- mine can provide a firm foundation for your professional speaking success.

This secret goldmine is the group of people who will buy from you over and over again – the hot list.

James Malinchak

Start forming your hot list. The first thing to do is to start collecting the contact information of people who purchase your products or who have heard you speak at a conference. For the people who have attended your seminar, have them fill out a slip of paper with their name, address, phone number and email address. For those who have purchased your books or training material, you can easily capture their contact information as part of the receipt. You could also offer a free newsletter or bonus report as way to obtain your audience’s contact information.

Market your products and services to your hot list. What happens most often in a person’s motivational speaking career is that they will market their materials only at the conference. You basically give yourself one chance to make a sale. Then you rely on the fact that you gave out your web address for any future sales and hope and pray that somehow, your customer will make it over to your website. No!

Send out flyers or informational and inspirational newsletters to keep your products fresh on your customer’s minds and watch your sales increase.

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One other aspect of building a hot list is that you give yourself an opportunity to build a relationship with your client. In today’s marketing trends, consumers are purchasing more products that they feel they can connect with predicating the need to have a relationship with your client. These consumers are loyal brand users and can also prove to become very help- ful in any third party promotions you might need.

Building this group of people is  like building your own motivational speaking niche. Building this group of people is like building your own fishing pond. You will always have a group of people who are interested in what you provide.

When you have new products to market, this niche group of people will be right there to support the sales of your new product launch. When you have a calendar of engagements you’re speaking at, this group will be interested in where you’ll be going. No matter how long you’ve had public speaking jobs, take the time and invest to build your hot list.

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James Malinchak

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