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Rank My VideosLast month we talked about creating YouTube videos. This month we’ll take it to the next step and create a PowerPoint video, upload it to YouTube and rank it.

Typically, we should be able to rank within a few minutes. Many times we rank immediately. If all goes well, we rank high. If things don’t go well or it’s a complicated keyword phrase, we might rank a little lower than we want to. I’ll tell you what to do in either scenario.

First, we need to come up with a topic. Let’s go with one you see me use often — weight Loss. Our keyword phrase will be, “fastest way to lose weight in a week.” We want to rank for that keyword so we’ll put it as the title at the top of our PowerPoint slide.

Next we need to add our bullet points which we center on the PowerPoint slide. For this example, we will use:

“Would you like to learn the fastest way to lose weight in a week? If your answer is ‘yes’, then click the link below this video to get full details.

Don’t wait, click the link below this video now!”

So our PowerPoint slide would look something like this…

Rank My Videos

Do you need to use this exact formula? No. You can change and modify it any way you want, But I would confine it to just one slide, two at most. There’s no reason to go beyond two slides.

You will then be able to follow, step by step what I just laid out above and what follows below.

Record this with Camtasia. Get your slide ready and hit the “Record” button to start recording the audio. The audio should be something very similar to this…

“Let me ask you a question. Would you like to learn the fastest way to lose weight in a week? If your answer is yes, then click the link below this video to get full details. 

Don’t wait on this, simply click the link below this video, and it will take you to a page where I’ll give you all the details of how you too can learn the fastest way to lose weight in a week.”

We’d then go in and adjust and filter the audio so that it sounds good. We’d chop off the front and back end of the video and then assuming everything else is good, we would export the video. We’ll share and export it to our desktop.

Pay VERY close attention to this… name the video: Fastest-Way-To-Lose- Weight-In-A-Week.

There are dashes between each word and the first letter of each word is capitalized. This is important!

Our next step is to upload the video to YouTube.

Rank My Videos

Go to YouTube and click the “Upload” button and then select the video. Open the video, you’ll see the title is pre- filled. We copy the title.

We go to “Description” and past the title there followed by a dash.

Here’s what your description should look like…

Rank My Videos

Now we get to the “Tags.” The tags are what makes the system work.

We start by putting the entire keyword phrase as the first tag…remember each tag is separated by a comma. So we put in our first tag… Fastest way to lose weight in a week, (followed by a comma) then we add our second tag which is the Keyword phrase with the “first” word removed… way to lose weight in a week, then we leave the first two words off… to lose weight in a week, etc. Each time we remove one more word off the front. When we complete that, use the keyword phrase again removing words from the back. Then we do each word individually.

Here is what our entire list of tags would look like…

Fastest way to lose weight in a week, way to lose weight in a week, to lose weight in a week, lose weight in a week, weight in a week, in a week, a week, fastest way to lose weight in a, fastest way to lose weight in, fastest way to lose weight, fastest way to lose, fastest way to, fastest way, fastest, fastest, way, to, lose, weight, In, a, week

Now we have everything we need to rank this video. Our video is uploaded; we have our title and description and our tags (keywords) are all in place.

Now go to “Advanced Settings” and choose a category. Many times they

won’t have a match for your video. That’s okay because it really doesn’t matter what you choose. Actually nothing on the Advanced Settings matters…so just click, “Publish.” We need two things from the page:

  1.   The link for our video. It will look something like this: https://youtu.be/…/…… copy that link and put it in a new window and we see our video playing.
  2. Our Keyword Phrase/Title, “Fastest Way To Lose Weight In A Week”.

Rank My VideosWe copy the keyword phrase and go to YouTube.com, paste the phrase into YouTube Search and search on it. We may or may not be listed on the first page. If we’re not listed on the first page, click “Filter” and filter it by “upload date” and scroll to find our video. It should be listed.

The next step can be done in a couple of different ways. You can have someone else do it from their computer or you can go to YouTube.com and open a “Cookie

Less” window and view your video. Chrome browser calls it an “incognito” window, Safari calls it “private window” and other browsers call it by different names. It’s just a window that doesn’t cookie you… that way you can open it as a stranger and view the video. This gives us a page view. This page view helps with ranking the video.

We now search on the video again to see if we are indexed. We would like to be on the first page but we may be listed 5 or 10 pages back. If it’s a REALLY popular phrase like this, we could be 20 or more pages back. If we don’t find our video, try searching a couple of more times. If your video is not indexed, we just wait.

Just keep checking every couple of minutes until we find it. We know that it has at least one view because we viewed it from the incognito window. Once found and it and it reflects at least one view, we know that YouTube has indexed it and is in the process of ranking it. If you keep doing searches, you’ll find that it jumps around a lot. Don’t worry, it will settle down. This could take from an hour to 24 hours.

There are some steps that can be done to help it get ranked.

Rank My Videos

We can go to Pingler.com and paste in the URL and title it, Fastest Way To Lose Weight In A Week. Chose a category, it doesn’t really matter what category you chose. You then answer the Captcha phrase and click “Ping”. Pingler then notifies a bunch of services of your video.

Your video ranking will move up and down until it settles. Don’t worry about it. It will eventually settle down and you should be listed in one of the first three or four pages. Give it time; it may take a day or two, but you should eventually get on page one or two, hopefully in the number one position on page one.

Don’t wait around; it’s time to rinse and repeat. Just keep doing this with all your keyword phrases!

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