Reasons Why You Should Start A Membership Site

Here are five important reasons why all Internet based, Information Marketers need a Membership site.

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1. A Place To Put Resale Rights Products

Maybe  you  bought  resale  rights  from Armand,  bought  resale  rights  on your own or even have finished products you haven’t marketed yet.

Start A Membership Site

If you create a membership site, and you have lots of resale rights in that  same niche, that’s easy bonus content to drip out.  Those resale rights products aren’t making any money sitting on your hard drive, what have you got to lose?

2. Easy Way To Deliver Products

Most  membership  site software  makes it easy for people to recover  their lost download links, and allow you to easily cut off access or provide   expiring download links.  Membership sites make product  delivery  so  easy,  you  should make the shift right away.

3. Drip Out Bonuses

To  increase  monthly  retention,  reduce refunds, and eliminate buyer overwhelm, drip out chunks of content slowly like an autoresponder.  Why would any of your customers  want  to cancel  or  refund  if they wait just a couple more days to get access to that juicy bonus?

Your “Resale Rights” products would be great for this. (See #1)

4. Four Day Cash Machine Upsell

Some membership  software  allows  you to make content available for only a few days at a time.   

Consider this  scenario: people  join  your  “intro”   membership level. After  a few  days,  your  software moves that member to the “special” level. After four more days, that user is moved (not copied) to the “full” level.

You create a single post in the “special” level  that  gives  them  a  special  button where they can get a  special deal with extra bonuses.  The result: someone joins your membership site and gets a chance to jump at  your special  offer.   

If they don’t, it’s over (but only for that person) after four days!

5. Lead-in Products

You can create a single membership site and really get two to ten products out of it. Simply create a different membership level  for  each  product,  and  create  a simple sales letter for each one.

Even if your membership software doesn’t allow you to have multiple membership levels, pull out the downloads and create a  different  download  page  for  each  of your lead-in products.

I hope one or all of those reasons gave you renewed energy towards creating a membership site.

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