Selling eBook Advertising Space

You could actually make money by selling advertising space in your eBook.

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Have you ever thought of using the eBooks you’ve created for more than just revenue stream? With a little creativity you can use your eBooks to generate multiple streams of income.

Selling eBook Advertising Space
Selling eBook Advertising Space

More specifically, you could actually make money by selling advertising space in the particular eBook that you’re creating.

Example. There’s an eBook out there on how to design a wedding on a budget. The  wedding  industry is a, multibillion dollar industry.

Let me ask you a question: Do you think some of  the  companies  that  sell  products and   services   for   people   who   are getting married would be interested in getting in front of somebody who has purchased a particular product on the exact topic that they have built their business around?

It sounds like a dumb question, but I want all of you to ask, ‘What other businesses would be interested in getting  in  front  of  the  audience  I will be attracting?’ It’s one of those creative  questions  that  I  urge  all of  you  to  constantly  develop  and ask yourself.

So let’s repeat it. What other businesses would be interested in getting in front of the target audience for which I would be attracting?

Your mind is going to start to race about all kinds of other businesses. Some may even be your competitors.

But there could be some other complimentary businesses that provide services or products to the particular market that you’re marketing to, who would be interested in purchasing ad space within your particular eBook.

Your ads could be scattered throughout, they could be right at the beginning, they could be at the end. Whatever. But it provides you a way to generate revenue by selling advertising within the actual eBook.

You could create eBooks to add value to your current customers. Here’s a good example. I have a great list. I do not have a big email list. I have a great relationship with the people on my email list.

I want to constantly add value to everyone on my list and all of my customers and one of those could be by compiling a very valuable eBook that summarizes or perhaps outlines the step by step procedures, or provides clarity on a particular topic that my email list may be desperate to find out.

I’m constantly trying to find win-win strategies to add value to you and vice versa, so that we can build a great relationship together.

If you know exactly what your target market is looking for, or needs help with, or they’re seeking a certain solution for something, and then you provide  an  eBook  that  outlines  the step by step procedures to solve their particular issues, that is of great value.

You’re adding to the relationship by creating  and  compiling  an  eBook and giving it to your current customers. I want you to constantly think about that.

If  you  go  into  any  business  with that mindset, combined with a little creativity, you will quickly see all kinds of hidden opportunities for profit.

May  ideas  come  to  you  when  you need them most.

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Stu McLaren

My name is Stu McLaren and I help experts, authors, speakers, coaches, consultants and all types of business owners transform their knowledge, expertise and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling membership businesses. https://stu.me/tribe

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