Somehow, It’ll Work Out

Do you ever worry that  things are just too tough? Ever feel overwhelmed, or that you’re carrying a heavy load? Do you ever wonder how you can handle the strong emotions that just erupt inside?

Somehow, It'll Work Out

Or, have you ever done something that was stupid, or gotten yourself in a jam, and you just don’t know if you can handle what may come as a result of it? Take just a moment right now, and let’s look at a way that can help you manage the tough spots.

You Find A Way Through

In 1895, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche was dealing with the death of his best friend. While going through the process of handling the grief and loss of this life-long friend, Nietzsche made this statement, “If this doesn’t kill me, it shall surely make me stronger.”

Later on reflecting back into this great loss and how he handled it, he found he really did feel stronger and more able to cope with other tough situations that arose later in his life. This phrase has helped millions cope with tough times (me included.)

Mother Knows Best

A different way of saying the same concept came from my mother. She raised me as a single parent after my dad died when I was 7. I wasn’t always an easy kid to raise, so mom and I had our problems.

When things looked bleak, when I’d feel down or be struggling with some problem (self created or other) she’d say, “Somehow, some way, things always work out.” I got sick of hearing her say that. But upon reflection into the events of my past when I was about 15, it dawned on me that mom really was right.

Things somehow blow over. The problem gets resolved. The pain of heartbreak eases…then fades  away. The trouble that was so embarrassing passes and we keep going. The physical threats we receive that terrify us, and make us want to run…go away. Even the physical trauma we receive is forgotten, or at least lightened up after a while.

Somehow, It'll Work Out Think About It

Check it out in your own life right now. The stuff you had happen to you just a few days or a week ago may still be upsetting and painful. But if you look back one, two, five years or more— you’ll see that those things you thought you’d never get over no longer carry the same sting they once did.

No matter what circumstance we come from, our mind doesn’t want to live   in pain. It has an automatic removal system for detaching from the negative. You can give this a boost by affirming to yourself over and over during the good times and the bad, “Things always work out. They always have, and they always will. I don’t even know how necessarily…but some way this’ll get better and work out.”

At the time you may not know how     it will get better or be overcome, but  it happens. Only when you give up, are you truly  beaten  by  the  people  or situation, and the storms you experience. If it doesn’t kill you it truly will make you stronger!

Somehow, It'll Work Out You Can Keep On

Shortly after World War II, Sir Winston Churchill was asked to give a speech to the graduating class at Oxford University. The person who was introducing him went on for so long, that Mr. Churchill decided to not do the original speech he’d written.

Instead he delivered this brief, powerful statement, “Never! Never! Never give up!”

No matter how bad it gets, or how tough it is at any moment, never give up. You can endure through tough situations, if you just recall you have endured before, and focus on the positive possibilities in your future. It may not be easy, but “yes you can”!

Things will work out, perhaps not exactly as you’d hoped. But, you will get through it, and the storm will pass. So as Napoleon Hill said in Think and Grow Rich, “Keep on keeping on.”

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