Split Test Your Way To High Converting Sales Letters

If I told you I could guarantee your business makes more money this month than it did last month and more money next month than it did this month, it only took you a few minutes and was 100% free, would you make that change? The answer should be YES and what you do is split test your sales letter.

Split Test Your Way To High Converting Sales Letters

What this means is you show two versions of the same webpage. They’re identical, but one page has a slightly different headline than the other  one (or a slightly different order button or price). Whatever factor you decide to change, when you split test you send half your traffic to webpage A, half your traffic to webpage B and over time which either one of those makes more money is the one you will keep.

You use this with a tool called Google Website Optimizer: https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/optimize

Take the index.html file of my webpage. Duplicate this file to make index2.html and change the headline. You might change the entire headline, remove a couple of words or remove the sub-headline but I make a small change in index2.html. Go to your download page called download.html. You have a control webpage (index.

html), the variation page (index2.html), and conversion page (download.html).

Log in to Google Website Optimizer, click “create a new experiment” then choose a “new A/B test.” Type the URLs for our control, variation and download pages. Google will give us four pieces of html code to copy onto our website and if you don’t know how to do this, it also gives you a way to email those instructions directly to your webmaster.

It will give you the control code to copy into your control page to make sure that half of the traffic goes to webpage A, half of the traffic goes to webpage B. It will provide you with two tracking codes, this will be placed at the bottom of your control and variation pages to see how many people visit your website and then the conversion code on your download page or your conversion page to track who actually buys.

Just copy and paste these four easy pieces of code. Google will  make  sure you’ve copied them and then the experiment will start. The great thing about Google Optimizer is that it will continue running the split test until it knows with 100% certainty that one of your split test outperforms the other.

When that is finished, all you have to do is remove the tracking code and remove either index.html or index2. html depending on which one made you less sales. Now, you have a slightly better converting sales letter or opt-in page which you can then split test again.

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