Standing Still Is Not An Option

Standing Still Is Not An OptionI once asked someone which direction their business was headed, to which they replied, “Right now, we’re standing still.” What he was actually saying is they were in a state of contentment, meaning that they were not moving forward or backward; they were simply operating with a “business as usual” game plan.

Guess what? Standing still is NOT A DIRECTION!

The state of contentment is a dangerous place to be. There are only two directions to go—forward and backward.

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As you move forward, you will be growing your business; working all the time to add new products and services as well as expand your client base. When you stop moving forward, you lose momentum, customers and quality.                                                                                                                         

Standing Still Is Not An OptionStanding still in your family life is just as dangerous. Moving forward allows you to grow together with your spouse, work on building strong relationships with your children and promotes long, happy relationships that are mutually beneficial for all.

When you see couples having issues after being together for years, you’ll almost always hear one or the other say something

like, “I am the same person you met years ago!” Maybe, that’s the problem. If you are the same person you were years ago, that means you haven’t moved forward. That’s not the way we were built.

Think about it. From the time we are born, we grow. In a relatively short amount of time, we instinctively learn to roll over, crawl, walk, talk and learn. If we were created to stand still, we’d be born, lay around and die. But, we don’t; we move!

If you’re standing still, you’re backing up! To me standing still and backing up are the same thing. I don’t want to stand still, I want to move, grow, progress and be better tomorrow than I am today.

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Jim Howard

With over 30 years in commercial print, branding and publishing, Jim Howard has dedicated much of his life to helping entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners move ahead in their business. Follow him at, facebook.com/jimhowardauthorcoach.

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