Start Thinking Like A CEO – Use Outsourcing

What if you could hire someone to run your business—a Director of Operations. And you gave them an unlimited budget for hiring the people they needed to get the job done?

What would you tell them to do today? My list would look like this:

  1. Build the new optin page for __. Write the autoresponder sequence for follow-up. Upload it to the autoresponder service. Turn the promotion of the page over to the social marketing team. Start a PPC campaign, including finding the keywords and writing the ads.
  2. Edit the audio from next month’s interview, then transcribe it. Edit the transcription and post it to the site.
  3. Finish the special report on mastermind groups. Create an optin page and a $7 sales page. List it in the $7 directory. Turn it over to the social marketing team. Write an email I can send my list to announce it.

…and that’s just the start of my list!

You see, when the work that needs to get done is not held back by…

  • The number of hours in YOUR day
  • The amount of energy YOU can give to it
  • YOUR level of technical expertise

…you will be AMAZED at what you can accomplish!

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It’s all about learning to think like a CEO. After all, you ARE the CEO of your business. You are the online business owner. Are you treating yourself like one? Are you enjoying the internet lifestyle you envisioned?

If not, what’s holding you back? I’ll bet it’s one of these common excuses:

  • I can’t afford it. (I’ll bet you’ve spent more than what it will cost on information products trying to learn to do it yourself.)
  • I don’t know how.

Those are the “reasons” you’re using to hold yourself back. They represent a lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown. But those reasons can be overcome.

First, start by listing the tasks you do not like to do and those that you do not do well. Those are your first candidates for outsourcing.

Next, group them by task — as if you were writing a job description for someone.

Third, write procedures for each task. If you’ve been doing these tasks yourself, this is a fairly easy thing to do. Especially when you realize you are doing these tasks for the last time!

Fourth, start looking for someone to do these tasks. I have a company
who does this and am trusted by many Marketing University Members. You can also ask fellow marketers who they use.

Finally, be willing to give it a try. You may or may not find the ideal person your first time. But keep trying. Because if you sink back to the level of doing it yourself, you’re costing yourself time and profit.

There is probably not another thing you can do to explode your business as quickly as outsourcing. And starting to think like a CEO is the easiest place to start.

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Jeanette Cates

Dr. Jeanette Cates is a 20-year veteran Internet strategist, known for prolific product production. After a brief retirement she has returned to launch to help others build their online success.

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