The Beauty of YouTube Videos

The Beauty of YouTube VideosOver this year, I have talked a lot about the 30X system because it is such a powerful system that works for every product. The 30X strategy continuously builds upon itself.

It continues to grow and can be used in multiple scenarios. Remember, just because it’s called 30X does not mean it’s limited to 30 pages.

In the 30X system you have your sales letter (or sales video) and at least 30 optin or landing pages that attach to it. If we follow the basic system, we have a minimum of 30 pages all leading to the sales letter. (To keep things simple I’ll refer to both optin and landing pages as just “landing pages.”)

There are multiple ways to drive people to these landing pages. In past articles, I talked about ads. Today I will talk about YouTube videos.

There are two purposes for the YouTube video:

The Beauty of YouTube VideosThe first and primary purpose is to drive traffic to the landing page.

The Beauty of YouTube VideosThe secondary purpose is one that I’m not really a big proponent of, but it comes automatically with YouTube video, is a “back link.”

A back link is a link on another site that links to our site. Some marketers think the sun raises and sets on these back links. I don’t agree. I just don’t think they are important enough to focus and develop strategies around them.

But, they come automatically when you upload your videos to YouTube, so look on them as a freebie. After all, it never hurts to have back links from an insanely, highly-rated site like YouTube.

What we now have is a video on a highly rated and viewed site, YouTube, that if done properly, drives traffic back to our site. The back link to our site is a bonus and a good thing. If you follow the system you now have 30+ YouTube videos pointing back to the respective landing pages which, in turn, points to our sales letter. This is in addition to the 30+X ads you already have.

The YouTube video, just like other ads, pre-frames the prospect for your sales page.

It’s very simple…the YouTube viewers see the video, and if they like what they see and want more information on it, they click the link under the video which takes them to your landing page. Once on the landing page they see that headline that, once again, reinforces what caught their eye on the YouTube video.

They are now pre-framed and ready to give you their name and email address in order to be taken to the sales letter. Each step in the process is increasing the probability that the prospect really wants what you have and will buy.

What we’re doing is putting people through multiple steps where they pre- qualify themselves by going to the next step. If they’re not interested they never take the next step; only the interested people take the next step. Those that end up on the sales page are very likely to purchase.

Let me be clear — there is no right or wrong type of video as long as it is direct and tells people what to do.

Here’s an example of a direct video that tells people what to do:

“Hi, my name is Armand Morin. Thank you so much for watching this video. I have something amazing I want to share with you about Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah. 

Let me ask you a question…how would you like to do this…? If your answer is yes, click the link underneath this video and I’ll see you on the next page where I will give you more details. Don’t wait, go ahead and click the link right now.”

As I stated above, there is no wrong type of video. This video could be…

  • The Beauty of YouTube VideosA talking head (You could crank a lot of 20 second videos out in an hour)
The Beauty of YouTube Videos
  • The Beauty of YouTube VideosA PowerPoint video (They’re easy to record)
The Beauty of YouTube Videos
  • The Beauty of YouTube VideosAnimation videos (Easy to create, easy to put up and entertaining)
The Beauty of YouTube Videos
  • The Beauty of YouTube VideosHand drawn videos (Easy to make)
The Beauty of YouTube Videos

So, it really doesn’t matter what type of video you want to use, just choose the one you are most comfortable with. You may want a more in-depth type, meaning more substantial. Others may want a basic PowerPoint and that’s perfectly fine. All of them will work the same way and have the same outcome.

While I think it’s a given, I feel I must add this here…make sure the video has audio attached to it. Just a PowerPoint, without audio, listing bullet points will not work. Even though it’s a video, YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY VERBALLY TELL THE PEOPLE WHAT TO DO… that’s the primary focus of the video.

Let’s look at the elements of a PowerPoint video.

  • The Beauty of YouTube VideosTitle
  • The Beauty of YouTube VideosBullet points
  • The Beauty of YouTube VideosCall to action

You don’t need multiple slides; you can cover all this in one simple slide where you put in the title, a couple of bullet points, a statement asking, “Would you like to…?”, “Yes? Then click the link under the video, and I’ll see you on the very next page”.

It’s as easy as that! Don’t over- complicate it!

You can, and should, brand the slide to give it the look and feel of your sales letter.

Did you ever notice that if you believe something is difficult or hard, you won’t do it?

For example, I have a lot of garages at my house. Two of them are primarily used to store stuff for our seminars. They hold an accumulation of all the things we’ve used at the multiple seminars I’ve hosted over the years. I know it should be sorted through and cleaned out. But, when I go in and look at it, I see it as a massive undertaking. I have no idea where I should start…should we get rid of this or that? Will this ever be used again? What the heck was this ever used for? It’s overwhelming. Bottom line is the garages still are packed full of seminar stuff!

Creating videos is a similar scenario. If you make them complicated. odds are you won’t do them. But, keep it simple… A PowerPoint title containing the primary keyword phrase, a couple of bullet points and a call to action, record it with audio and your finished!

Note: A PowerPoint in YouTube is not clickable in itself, but a link in the description under the video can be clickable.

That’s it for this month. Your mission is to create the videos for your product. Remember we call the system 30x. So get at least 30 keywords or keyword phrases and create YouTube 30 videos around them. You should already have at least 30 ads created around those keywords. See how this keeps growing and driving traffic to your site?

I know I said you can create whatever type you are most comfortable with and all work equally well, but I would recommend trying several of each — talking head, PowerPoint, animated and hand drawn videos. By doing this, you may find they aren’t so hard to do and you really like a type that you would never have considered doing.

In future articles we’ll go step by step into creating an actual video and then I’ll lead you through the steps to upload it to YouTube and getting it ranked. If you can’t wait for it, you can also watch it now in WebCamp 30X Day 2, Session 3 in the Marketing University Member’s area.

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