The Follow-Up is Where the Real Profit Lies

It’s been a while since I ran an article in Traces about my 8-Step Follow-Up Plan. I thought I would post a quick refresher here for it because it is a surefire way to earn more income!

Let’s face it, no matter how good you are, you can’t sell everyone. In fact, about 94-97% of those visiting the sales letter or sales video on your website will not purchase. Most marketers are happy with the 3-6% who purchase, but the 94-97% who didn’t purchase is where the real money can be found!

The Follow-Up is Where the Real Profit LiesA follow-up system is needed to reach those who read your sales letter but did not purchase…that’s where my eight-step follow-up system comes into play. This follow-up is the step most people miss! It’s such a simple thing and can change your bottom line by a lot.

When I say eight steps, I’m referring to eight days. All emails in this follow-up are short (around 100 words), and I do not try to sell from the emails. I include a link to the sales letter in each email and tell them to click on it for, more information or a free video, etc.

Step 1—The Initial Email

When the people go through your opt-in page they are taken to the sales letter, but they are also sent an initial email. You thank them for requesting more information and give them a link to the sales page. Remember, they’ve already seen the sales letter because they were taken there as soon as they opted in, but this gives them another shove to actually go to the page and watch the video or read the sales letter.

Step 2—Day 2

Send them an email with a subject line that says something to the effect of “Did You See This Yesterday?” or “Did You Miss This Yesterday?” We want to remind them that we sent an email yesterday. VERY IMPORTANT: We send the exact same email as the first day—the only thing that has changed is the subject line. It’s an easy, no pressure follow-up.

Step 3—Day 3

A day of rest. No emails are scheduled to go out on day three.

Step 4—Day 4

Send an email featuring a big benefit of the product or service. Think of the most exciting thing about your product or service. For example, you could say something to the effect of… “Did you know that (insert name of product or service) could do this?” Then you proceed to write a short email telling them about that one benefit. Or you can also center this email around customer testimonials you have on the product. Make sure you include a link to the sales page and give them a reason to click the link.

Step 5—Day 5

Here you’ll change it up a little. Send out a short email with the subject line “72 Hours left”. Give them a benefit and a link to the sales letter for more information. REMINDER: NEVER TRY TO SELL FROM THE FOLLOW UP EMAILS! Selling is the

job of the sales letter.

Step 6—Day 6

Your subject line says, “48 Hours Left”. Then similar to the day five email, make sure you have a link to the sales letter, and make sure you tell them to click the link for more information.

Step 7—Day 7

Your subject line should say, “24 Hours Left.” Then similar to previous emails, make sure you have a link to the sales letter, and make sure you tell them to click the link for more information, free video, etc.

Step 8—Day 8

You’ll send two emails on Day 8. In the morning, send out one with the subject line, “This Ends at Midnight!” Then, later in the evening, you will send out one that has the subject line, “Last Chance!”

The first four steps of my eight-step follow up system have no pressure so there’s no real reason for them to take action unless they actively really want what you are selling. Starting with step five, you need to push them to take an action.

If there’s no reason for them to take an action, they’ll take their sweet time. So, for example, if you were having a conversation while walking with a friend and the crosswalk sign was blinking walk with no countdown, and you didn’t see any cars coming, then you’re going to take your time crossing the road. But, if there’s a bunch of traffic waiting and there’s a countdown associated with it, you know at the end of that countdown cars will be going through that intersection, so you are going to hurry up!

It’s the same thing here—at day five, you start getting serious. There’s 72 hours left, 48 hours left, 24 hours left etc. Now, let’s answer the biggest question I get at this particular point. What happens? What happens at the end of day eight?

If you are like most people, you have associated the idea that a countdown is like in many of these so-called Internet Marketing launches. I will launch my product for X number of days, and then I’m going to take it off the market forever. There are times when that may come into play, but I’m just going to tell you right now that I’m not going to take my product off the market, and I’m not going to tell people you can’t buy it. Why would I?

Again, the question is what happens to our product at the end of eight days? The answer is nothing. In the emails I send out, I don’t actually say I’m never going to offer this again. In fact, I don’t reference it at all. I don’t say that I’m going to take it off the market. I don’t say a discount or a bonus is going to disappear. What ends at midnight? Me emailing you these emails. It’s an implied scarcity. What happens after those eight days is we just don’t email anymore about that campaign.

If you institute this type of follow up, guess what happens? People start buying! In fact, the last two days you’ll get a considerable number of sales because it forces people to take some sort of action because they feel that they’re going to miss out.

If you did just the first four steps, I guarantee you will make more sales. When you implement five, six, seven and eight, everything changes because now you have the ability to multiply your initial sales by a lot! This follow up gives you the opportunity to possibly have up to 10 times what your initial sales were.

So, for example, if you made $100, you might make $1,000. If you made $1,000, you might make $10,000. If you made $10,000, you might make $100,000. I’ve received up to 90% more money from this particular follow-up system in my own business!

You’ll do better than almost anyone else on the internet if you just implement this. In fact, I guarantee you’ll make more money than you ever thought possible if you just implement this into whatever you are selling, whether it be on a webinar, a seminar, a product, or a service. Just try it!

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Armand Morin

Armand Morin is an Internet marketing industry expert who has built a multimillion-dollar international business. In 1996, he started with $1.83 in his pocket and no experience and has grown it into a multi-million dollar international business, which has done business in over 100 countries around the world.

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