The Perfect Marketing Plan

This article is all about maximizing your marketing results… while minimizing the stress for you, your team (and for your audience).

This is what I call the “perfect marketing plan”.

If you’re committed to your marketing and you’re still not getting the results you want, it’s likely you’re trying to do too much.

When you do too much, you burn yourself out, you burn your team out (if you have one), and you burn out your audience too. When you do too much, you don’t have the time to invest yourself creatively to make all of your marketing world-class.

Here’s a simple way to think about it:

There are “A-level” promotions and “B-level” promotions. A-level are your big promotions.

This is where you’re all hands on deck, pulling out all the stops.

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You may use a variety different marketing components for this promotion. You may have a video series. You may have webinars. You’re probably running Facebook ads. You’re probably building your list ahead of time. You’re probably planning email marketing campaigns.

There are multiple phases to A-level promotions. You may even have a sales team and extra support. The bottom line is, these are massive promotions and they’re designed to bring in a LOT of new customers in a very short period of time.

B-level promotions are a lot smaller.

These promotions are often for one of your smaller products/offers, or for an evergreen offer that you run year round.

For B-level promotions, you may send out a few posts on social media or run a few ads. You may send a few emails to your list. At max, for these B-level promotions, you may do a feature webinar.

The bottom line is that B-level promotions designed to be low-key and largely hands-off.

Planning Your Year

So you need to assign either an “A” or “B” to each of the products/ services you offer.

A-level promotions should be reserved for high ticket items that bring a lot of attention and revenue to your business. Anything that doesn’t fit this description is a B-level.

Next you need to understand the perfect balance between A and

B-level promotions. How many of each should you have throughout the year?

After working with several clients in all kinds of markets, I’ve discovered that most businesses thrive with a maximum of FOUR A-level promotions EIGHT B-level promotions per year.

Four A-level promotions means one major promotion per quarter.


If you’re a speaker/author/influencer, that might mean two promotions per year for your membership site, one per year for your signature course, and perhaps one major promotion for something else like your book release or a live event. Let’s say you’re a software provider. You might have two A-level promotions per year for your main product, one major promotion per year for a live event or online training, and then you leave a slot open in case you develop a new product or upsell that you want to put in front of your audience.

Making Decisions

When you’re designing your year and creating your perfect marketing plan, make sure you put your A-level promotions in first.

A-level promotions get top priority, and then everything else works around them.

When you have this level of clarity, it makes decision making super easy because now when you’re presented with a new opportunity you can look at your calendar and say, “Have we already got an

A-level promotion? Yes. Do we have room for anything else? No.”

If you’re going to say “yes” to the new opportunity, it means that you have to cancel a promotion you’ve already scheduled. It’s not always easy but it is simple.

If you decide to run than four A-level promotions per year, you run the risk of burning out your team and your audience. When you and your team are burnt out, productivity and moral suffers.

When your audience is burnt out, you’re pulling their attention in too many directions and they get confused.

A confused mind never buys so you want to be really careful to make it clear for your audience where you want their attention and when you want them to take action. If you make everything seem like a top priority and you’re pushing hard on multiple campaigns, nothing becomes a priority for them.

Does that make sense? You’ve got to break it down. You got to be disciplined in this.

Four major promotions per year with a few smaller promotions throughout.

That’s how you maximize your results and minimize your stress.

When you design your year this way it’s going to allow you and your team to pour all of your creative energy into your A-level promotions.

When you stay true to that and don’t compromise, you take things up a notch and your marketing becomes world-class.

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