The “Why” Factor Of Your Goal

All you need to do is to know ‘why’ you want to reach your goal.

PaTrisha-Anne Todd

A PMA is a tremendous asset

The "Why" Factor Of Your Goal
Know Your “Why”

Having a PMA (Positive Mental Asset) is a character trait that helps a person stand out from the crowd. When an entrepreneur demonstrates such behavior the results can only be fantastic and with good reason. A PMA is undoubtedly a fundamental driver when it comes to goal achievement.

However, having said that, there is another success element that you need to consider which is paramount in the process of goal achievement and needs to be present if you are serious about setting goals and getting to goal.

You see, a positive attitude isn’t something that just happens. There are elements that make up a PMA. There is a framework of elements that builds a positive attitude with incredible unyielding drivers to turn any goal into a success.

A Simple, Straightforward Approach

As entrepreneurs we know that it’s not unusual at times for life to seem crazy and it’s easy to fall into overwhelm causing little things to become huge obstacles. But there is a key if you’re determined to succeed, which is to feed your mind…And you do that with a very simple and straightforward approach. All you need to do is to know ‘why’ you want to reach a goal.

I see people all the time losing the will to turn their dreams into a reality. If only they would recognize that personal and business success happens when damaging distractions are removed and replaced with knowing ‘why’ they want a particular goal.

Knowing WHY Is a Guarantee for Winning Results

Often times when things are not panning out, when financials are heading down instead of upwards, when health is bordering on the worry factor, in fact when life is getting to be rather a hassle then I would recommend you immediately take time out and start drilling down to the nitty-gritties of why you went into business in the first place.

Do this from an honest point of view and also look at how you arrived at this place of discontent and tension.

Now don’t get all defensive, it will only lead to self-sabotage. Deep down you know you can tweak this situation and begin getting back on track while you grab the lifestyle you know you deserve.

Focus, Discover and Uncover

Earlier I gave you the solution to finding your mojo to sort out any challenges you may be experiencing. I said; “Knowing WHY Is A Guarantee For Winning Results”.

You see — when you focus your attention and actions on what it is you want, or in some cases don’t want to happen in your life you’ll create results. You’ll discover what it is you truly crave to conjure up in your life and be able to uncover insights as to what opportunities are available to you right now.

This way of thinking is a powerful method which supports your success. Do it today, go and pinpoint your WHY and define the best route forward to achieving your goal.

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PaTrisha-Anne Todd

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