The Why & What of Book Writing

Let’s recap the why reasons people give for writing a book, and whether I feel they are valid.

  1. Get Famous: Possible but unlikely.
  2. Message to Share—Help—Guidance: Yes
  3. Knowledge—Skillset—Learned Process: Yes
  4. Get Rich: No
  5. Credibility: No
  6. Self Worth: Yes
  7. Make Money (Not from Royalties!): Yes
  8. Marketing Tool: Yes
  9. Branding: Yes

We’ve covered the why of writing a book; now let’s look at the what of writing a book. As in what is the topic you are going to write about?

In some cases, it’s okay to just come up with an idea and write about it. In other cases, you need to spend time doing research. You need to determine what the market wants and exactly why people would want it.

Fortunately, you have an amazing free tool you can use to research books called Amazon. There are two main forms of books on

Amazon—physical books and digital books. The markets are slightly different for each one. For this article. I’ll look at physical books. In this example, I’m going to look under the “Health, Fitness & Dieting.” This brings up a lot of options. From these, I’m going to choose “weight loss.” As I am researching this, I am scrolling past “most gifted,” “hot new releases,” etc. until I come to “rankings of dieting books.” In the rankings, I look to see what pops up most often.

As I look at this, it looks like both diet and cookbooks are popular and the most often listed topics are “Keto” (Keto, by far has the most entries) and plant based diets. Keto with plant based diets are the most popular diet and cookbooks. This tells us exactly what topics, in the health/diet/weight loss markets people are looking for. It only took a few minutes of research to find this.

What most people do is go into an industry or market and try to disrupt it in a small way. In order to disrupt a market, you must have coordinated messages along with proof that you bombard them with all day long. You have to use every method of marketing and back it up with proof. This can take a lot of time and money.

For example, we see that the market wants Keto diet and recipe books. Keto diet can be proven but you want to disrupt it with your “All Carb” diet. First off, you should believe in it yourself; then you need to establish proof; then you need to get your message out 24/7. Wherever people look they should see articles and ads promoting your “All Carb” diet. This can be very effective and if you are successful, it can pay off handsomely, but it will take boatloads of money and will be very difficult.

Rather than disrupt the market, you may decide you want to blend in with the market and slowly take over that market. How do you do this? You give the market exactly what they want…you write a book about the ketogenic diet. (Hopefully, you also believe in it!) I would write a book about keto/plant based dieting. This is a lot easier and less expansive.

Unless you have a lot of money, it’s usually better to go with the market rather than try to disrupt it. The research has already told us what the market wants.

We can have our own opinions but if we want to get known in an industry, we need to give them what they want.

I used health and weight lost for this example, but you can do this research for any market.

The Why & What of Book WritingHere are the simple steps for choosing your topic.

  1. Research Your Topic/Industry on Amazon
  2. Look for Commonalities
  3. Look for Buying Patterns (Amazon ranks by what people are actually buying)
  4. Make a List of Ideas
  5. Narrow Your List of Ideas Down
  6. Choose the Topic
  7. Write the Book

Now, it’s time to answer the question of what are you going to write your book about?

If you want to learn more about this topic and watch as I actually do the research on multiple topics for both fiction and non-fiction books, log into the members area and search for Best Selling Author Training.

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