We Are Family

You hear us refer to the Marketing University Family; how MU isn’t just another membership, but more like a family who are here to help each other. I experienced a heartwarming example of what we mean by family at our last Members’ Intensive.

You may have noticed from the weekly trainings and monthly live streams in August and September, that Armand has been battling some health issues. He is usually so healthy and very rarely gets sick, but we have had a pretty hectic summer. We sold our home of 13 years a lot faster than we expected to, quickly moved to a new house that we have come to realize isn’t exactly going to work for our unique living/working needs. Throw in family vacations that were booked long before a move was even thought of and then add all of his responsibilities for our companies, products, and Marketing University members… well, it’s enough to wear anyone down.

We Are FamilyAfter pushing through not feeling great for the last few months, his body decided to let him know it has had enough. As you’ll see in this edition of Traces, the second Members’ Intensive of 2023 was held in early September here in Raleigh. It was five full days of brainstorming, learning, networking, and fun. From the onset of the event, Armand was dealing with an increasingly painful abscess on the back of his head. Never one to let anyone down, he pushed through each member session and training session giving those in attendance everything he had despite the pain and malaise, but then the Family stepped in.

Midway through the intensive, which was the full day of training, everyone in attendance urged Armand to go take care of himself and allow me to take him to urgent care to get checked out. It wasn’t easy to get him to agree. You see, one of Armand’s biggest fears is letting YOU, the members down. He promised that the attendees would get a full day of training on Sunday and come hell or high water, that was what he was going to give them, regardless of how he was feeling or what it might take out of him.

Luckily, long-standing member, Davy Tyburski, offered to step up to the plate to lead the group in some productivity exercises.

This gave Armand the reassurance that everyone would be taken care of, and he was finally comfortable enough to let me take him to the doctor. The abscess was treated that day, he was given a potent shot of antibiotics and a prescription for more antibiotic to take home and he was back at the front of the room Monday morning dishing out advice, teaching and giving everything he had. He is not yet back to being as good as new, but he is on his way and is, begrudgingly, attempting to adhere to doctors’ advice to take it easy and listen to his body when it screams at him.

I was literally brought to tears that day watching everyone urge Armand to take care of himself, assuring him that he wasn’t letting them down. Of course, there was disappointment. I know that some attend JUST for the mid-Intensive all day Armand training, and they weren’t going to get that. But, to them, Armand’s health mattered more. Folks had traveled from the UK, Canada, the west coast. Some had driven nine or 10 hours to be there, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was making sure Armand was OK.

THIS is the perfect example of why we refer to Marketing University as a family because that is what family does. The exercises Davy took everyone through were outstanding. Each and every attendee stepped up and took part. Giving ideas, giving advice, taking advice (which is just as important). Not one grumble or complaint. In fact, quite the opposite. It was wonderful watching them work together to make the best of a not perfect situation. And doing it to make sure Armand was able to heal without worry. THAT is family—looking out for each other; caring more about the needs and well-being of family members than their own wants.

THAT is why Marketing University (originally AM2) is the longest running marketing membership in existence. THAT is why Armand keeps doing what he does.

Thank you, Davy! Thank you, Marketing University Intensive attendees!

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Marianna Morin

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