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Following up with your registrants and attendees after a webinar is the standard practice, right? After successfully hosting an informative webinar, you send a series of emails as part of your follow-up strategy to express your appreciation, cement relationships, and nurture leads.

A follow-up email is an excellent way to establish that connection with your participants while they still remember you. Soon enough, those leads will convert into paying customers.

My tried-and-tested method is an eight-day follow-up email system where I send a sequence of emails for the next eight days, reminding my registrants about the webinar recording and tidbits about what they will learn. After that, I take down the replay. This effectively encourages people to take action and view the recording within that eight-day time frame.

This model works perfectly for me every time, and I continue to use it. However, a brilliant idea came to me when I recently received an email about a follow-up strategy that I thought was genius and one I could improve on.
I signed up for a webinar about a month ago and attended only around 15 minutes before realizing it wasn’t for me. A few days ago, I got an email saying, “Hey, we’re holding a Q&A session. It’s your last chance to get your questions answered about this training.”

Then, I thought, “Well, wasn’t that like a month ago? Do you expect me to remember you and your product?” And then I had a light-bulb moment. Why not schedule a Q&A follow-up right after a webinar? But not a month later because your participants will likely have forgotten you by then.

Schedule a Q&A session about the webinar four or five days after the actual event. Invite everyone back. Give them the full replay and let them know you’ll answer any questions they have about the webinar. You can do it live, allowing your attendees to ask their questions on the spot. Or you can have them submit their questions via email or a form, and then you’ll read and answer the questions live. Be sure to let your audience know exactly how and where to submit questions.

You can also prepare FAQs that you think people would likely ask. If your attendees aren’t asking questions right away at the start of your Q&A, you’ll have pre-made questions to answer to kick off the session and help keep the momentum going. You should brainstorm a minimum of five potential questions, keeping in mind what your audience truly wants to hear. For example, you can talk about a product guarantee or after-sales support.
Now, what if we can further improve that follow-up strategy? Here’s what I think. On the last day your replay will be available, schedule a final Q&A session. One final chance for people to have their questions answered.

First, you hold your webinar and make an offer at the end. Then the follow-up strategy begins. A few hours after your webinar ends, you send a follow-up message to everyone who signed up and tell them the full recording is available if they missed the live webinar or want to rewatch it. Three days later, you send another email saying, “Hey, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about how the system works. We’ve decided to hold a question-and-answer session to get those answered for you.”

Holding a webinar Q&A session is a great way to increase engagement and encourage audience interaction. It gives you a chance to build a meaningful connection with your listeners. Plus, you can establish industry authority while promoting your brand.

Liven up your webinar inquiry segment by adding a bonus item if people purchase during the question-and-answer session. After three to four days, you can announce a final Q&A webinar to give participants and those who missed the first session the last chance to get their answers. This gives you another opportunity to make more sales during your live webinar.

So, you’re not just doing one webinar; you’re holding the original webinar and then one or two follow-up webinars to answer questions. Just make sure that the last two webinars are actual question-and-answer sessions where you provide helpful, straightforward answers. You’re going to focus on providing valuable information that your audience wants to know instead of selling your product or service. You simply reiterate your sales pitch when the Q&A webinar is about to end.Webinar Follow-Up Innovation

Introduce a payment plan during your question-and-answer sessions to help boost sales and make the buying process easy.

You can add a bonus or free item to encourage people to make a purchase.

The amazing thing about these inquiry sessions is that you get another chance to have a conversation with your audience. And that may just be the push people need to pull the trigger and buy. The cool part is that once you have all of this nailed down, you can include all of it in the replay and make it evergreen. You can even use your webinars as bonus resources that people can access by joining your email list or repurpose them into long-form content pieces.

Remember, you don’t need to do any of these webinars live if you’re not comfortable doing a live session. Simply ask the participants to submit their questions, and then you can answer everything through a pre-recorded webinar.
While a live webinar provides real-time interaction with your audience, a pre-recorded webinar allows easy re-takes so you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. You can record any segment as many times as you want and edit out all mistakes until you create the perfect footage you desire. You’ll have more time to explain your answers in detail and even add graphics and animations for better demonstration when you’re done recording.

Whether you’re hosting a live webinar or pre-recorded a session, just remember that you need to give your audience a good reason to buy, so create something that will entice your target market and compel them to buy from you. When you offer something that people actually want and apply my follow-up techniques, you’ll certainly encourage more leads to purchase your product or service. I want to hear all about how you use this technique. Write me with your results at support.marketinguniversity.com.

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