Webinar Strategies That Cause Customers To Buy

If you are thinking about holding a webinar to promote a product or ser- vice, there are four types of presentation models that you can use. All of these types of webinars are effective in their own way. Below, I will give an overview of these four models.

Promoting A Product

In webinar strategy number one, you promote your product to potential buyers by holding a free webinar. The webinar should be informative and is mostly good quality content that is useful to them with a small portion of sales at the end. You can sell either a product or service with this type of webinar.

The main point of this type of webinar is that you tell your viewers what to do in regards to your topic and then you sell them your services or your product that will help them accomplish that goal more easily, saving them valuable time and money.

Promoting A Service

The second webinar strategy focuses on promoting a service. This model is best used in a more complicated sale. Your free webinar will be more educational in nature and will teach people how to do something that they want or need to learn. Towards the end of the webinar, you offer your ser- vices to help them with that task. Many people would prefer to hire someone to do “something” for them if that “something” requires a lot of time or is very complicated, with a high degree of uncertainty.

Webinar Strategies That Cause Customers To Buy

Promoting A Class

Webinar strategy number three  consists  of   holding a free webinar in order to promote a webinar class. In this model you essentially hold a “teaser” with your first webinar. You hold a free webinar with great information about your topic, but only enough to convince your viewers that they want more of what you have to offer. Then you can sell them access to your online webinar class with all of the details of what you are teaching.

Promoting A Product Launch

The fourth webinar strategy is to offer a free webinar as part of a rolling launch for a product. Basically, in this model you present the same webinar content to multiple groups of people. You are, in essence, continuing to launch your product over and over again to different people, but holding a free webinar to make the initial sale.

These are the four models of webinars. Each of them has their own merits in your business. I have used all of them with much success in my own Internet marketing business.

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Stephen Beck

Stephen Beck teaches business owners how to create a webinar sales presentation that increases conversions and grows your bottom line. Stephen has a free video that discusses these four webinar models.

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