Website Tip… Check Your Automated Autoresponder Messages

It’s always good to check our autoresponders to check and make sure you are not sending wrong or outdated messages.

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In this quick tip I will share with you something that many SHOULD be doing but aren’t and if they are doing it they’ve probably fallen into the trap of “Set it and forget it”

Website Tip... Check Your Automated Autoresponder Messages
Check Your Automated Messages

What I’m talking about here is automated autoresponder messages. First if you don’t know what these are let me catch you up to speed.

An autoresponder is simply a message that is auto triggered by an event.

For example when someone opts in to a website, makes a sale, or even sends an email to you. When this trigger happens the end user is sent an email message that you have pre-configured for them to receive. In many cases this can be a series of email messages.

The series of email messages comes in handy for delivering a course by email, a tip of the day (week or month), or just a confirmation that they have purchased or opted in to receive your digital newsletter.  Of course I could go on with how this works but that is a different article.

What I’m suggesting in this article is to make sure that, about once a year, you or a member on your team subscribe to these autoresponders and make sure the messages are still relevant.

A suggestion I might make here is to add a  calendar  event  that  triggers  every 6  months  so  you  remember  to  do this exercise.

You could either discover the messages are old and need updating or maybe the autoresponder service is not working as you had hoped.

You  might  find  that  everything  is fine and you need not do anything at all but it is always a good thing to run these checks and make sure you are not sending your customers the wrong message.

This may also be a good time to add a few messages to your series.

Something I like to do on my newsletter opt-in series is to add a message about one  of  my  products  or  services  or even a popular post on my blog.

Many times, I myself, have only received a single message when subscribing to a newsletter but I think it is good to set up 12 messages for once a month delivery or 52 for once a week, you will be surprised when you pick up an extra sale out of the blue.

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