Where Is Your Focus?

Where Is Your Focus?I’ve talked about focus many times in different articles and posts on my blog, but what I’m talking about here is where is your focus when it comes to what you offer in terms of products and services.

We try too hard to be all things to all people and that just does not work. Yes, you may be able to offer those services and or products, but do you want to? And how dedicated to those services are you?

Where Is Your Focus?

Is it a burden for you to 1.) Create those products and 2.) Support those products? Why were you offering them in the first place? Is it to chase the almighty dollar or to actually help your customer with service they can’t find elsewhere?

Here is something to think about as you create products and services for your customers—what is the ROI (Return on Investment)? ROI simply is a way to determine if the time, energy

and resources spent on a product or service will fail to cover what was put into it or break even, or even possibly succeed and make a good profit.

I’m Guilty Of This As Well

Believe me I’ve been guilty of the above myself. I’ve created a training course just because a customer (or potential customer) didn’t understand something or couldn’t find a resource that met their need only to never sell that course or service ever again.

While I did add it to my members area and in some cases actually created a sales page, it wasn’t worth the time and effort to fully market it. Sure, slapping up a sales page in case another customer needs it is one thing, but if you are serious about creating products, there are many steps to do it the right way.

You may have heard the confused buyer never buys. This simply means that if you have too many options to choose from, they don’t know which to choose so they don’t buy anything. The thing is they don’t know what they need or even where to start .

Another way to look at it from your standpoint is what do you really want to promote that makes you the most money and makes the most profit for your time spent. Plus, what do you enjoy doing the most.

Do you really want to offer $37 products to nickel and dime your way to where you want to be, or do you want higher end products and use your marketing efforts to sell $197, $497 or even $1997 products? Do you spread your focus marketing 50 smaller products, or reign in your efforts to put marketing fun- nels in place for the higher products?

With that being said, there are strategies you can use for lead generation that help upsell to the higher products. For example, if you have a coaching program you could sell a one-hour consultation. (Be sure to stick to one hour if that’s what you’re selling. Your time is valuable, and customers need to know that.) You can answer what questions you can for the in that amount of time. This way they can see your expertise can really help them. You can solve their issue as well as follow up with them to let them know about your other coaching options.

Follow Up Is Important

Follow up with an email series if they don’t buy in right away. Follow up with a trial to your high end coaching or lower end membership level. Just don’t forget to follow up! This is where I see so many coaches fail. They give up on the customer way too soon. Maybe the customer doesn’t know what you have to of- fer or the fact that you have more affordable options that work into your higher end coaching.

If you can’t get them to the point of where they can afford your higher end coaching, there are two things to consider. Either they’re not motivated enough to move along or look at your process to see what you need to modify to get them there. Use it as a learning experience to improve your processes and marketing.

Get Them From Point A To Point Z

Focus is key here, as well. Think about what you want to make and what will it take you to get the customer from point A to point Z. Start them out at Step A.) a $97 Consultation. Then follow up to Step B.) a $197 a month which could be a call and maybe a group call with email support. And then on to step C etc. I think you see where I’m going here.

The key is to focus on what makes you the most money and what makes you happiest. Don’t chase all of the loose ends to make a stronger rope—doing that will only cause you to unrav- el all of your plans and not give yourself ample time to build something strong.

If you’d like to know more about any of these ideas, you can learn more about building your coaching business or marketing techniques from training found in the Marketing University Members area and weekly training.

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