Why Do You Need A Vision?

Having a vision is extremely important to actually achieving your goals.

The dictionary defines a vision as a thought, concept or object formed by the imagination, or a manifestation to the senses of something immaterial.

I prefer to define it as the visualization of a future result or to see more than what actually exists. Basically, it’s the ability to see the biggest picture possible.

Having a clear vision of what you want will allow you to not only see the big picture, but it will also allow you to draw all the small pieces that need to be in place to make your vision a reality.

Why Do You Need A Vision?

So, why is having a vision for your future so important to your success?

Having A Vision Gives You Direction

When you have a clear vision and under- stand the goal you want to achieve, you will be able to build a game plan to reach your goal.

This game plan will keep you on track and allow you to stay on the path to success. Without a plan to win, it becomes very easy to lose site of what the next step is.

Having a vision and a plan that is able to bring that vision into reality will make it easier for you to stay on track, perform the next logical step and succeed at realizing your dreams.

Having A Vision Allows You To Focus

In today’s world it seems that more and more people are claiming to be ADD. Maybe that’s true or maybe it’s just that society is so full of distractions that you can’t help but to notice all the shiny ob- jects that beg for your attention.

Whatever the case is, this point is still true: in order to succeed, you have to be able to focus on achieving your goals.

Having a solid vision of what you want to achieve will allow you to keep the shiny objects at bay and focus on achieving your goals.

Having A Vision Makes Decision Making Easier

One trait that almost all successful people have is the ability to make decisions.

That sounds easy and you may be think- ing that everyone has this ability, but be- lieve me, it is harder than you think.

We are faced with decisions all the time. Sometimes the decision needs to be made quickly.

Having a good handle on your  vision and understanding the steps necessary  for achieving it will make those times much easier.

Any time a decision needs to be made, you can simply refer back to your vision and ask yourself which direction gets you closer to realizing your goals.

Having A Vision Keeps You Motivated

One of the biggest issues that I see people face on the way to achieving their dreams is that they lose motivation and stop just shy of the finish line.

Winning takes energy, endurance and a commitment to finish the job. Remove one of these, and you will most likely fail. Losing site of the importance of what you are doing can play a huge role in dimin- ishing the desire you have for success.

Trust me on this, the closer you get to achieving your goals, the harder it will seem to be for you to finish the job.

Having a great vision and one that is sig- nificant enough to keep your interest will keep you excited when things get tough.

You have to believe that your dreams are worth the effort. When you have a vision you can believe in and in your heart know you have to make that dream a reality, nothing can stop you. When things start to get tough look back at  your vision and force yourself to move forward. You will be shocked at what you can actually accomplish.

Success is simple. You’ve heard this said a lot, and it’s true. It’s not always easy, heck, sometimes it’s downright hard.

But having a clear vision of what you want to achieve will make the whole effort a lot easier.

Sit down and think about what you are trying to accomplish. Refine your vision and write it down so you always have it in front of you.

Make that vision one that will give you direction, keep you focused, make it easy to make decisions and keep you motivated.

Develop your vision, achieve your goals and LIVE LIFE!

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Jim Howard

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