Why You Should Blog

Many people have asked me recently…why should they blog? I think this is a great topic to discuss..

Should you invest the time to blog? You know I love factoids… how about this one? Did you know that there are over 164 million blogs on the internet? Companies who have over 51 blog posts on their site experience a 77% increase in monthly leads!

Another reason to consider blogging is that blogs help influence customer’s buying decisions.

So… how do you get started?

First, sit down and come up with 20 or more topics you think readers will be interested in reading about. Start with the questions that you are asked most frequently about your business. Then, identify what questions should people be asking you about your business, that they don’t ask (because they don’t know enough to ask). Finally, come up with case studies or other compelling topics to talk about.

Next, determine what single keyword (or keyword phrase) would be best to support each individual post.

Determine what media to use for the post. You can write it, video it, have a PowerPoint with audio or a podcast.

Why You Should Blog

Once you have completed your blog post it is time to post it on your site. Make sure to index your post and include tags.

Then, go to https://pingler.com/ and make sure to alert the search engines about your new post. This will help the post’s organic placement in search engines.

Some things to think about…

Why do you want to blog? Who are you talking with and how often would they like to hear from you?

The majority of people who start a blog stop within three months. If you are going to blog (or restart blogging), be committed and blog for the long term. Remember- you can always repurpose this content for an e-book or in other places to market your business.

Review your Google Analytics. See what keywords are getting traction and invest more time on content that supports those keywords.

Hopefully this has given you food  for thought. We at YellowSchmello blog every week. We re-purpose the content to use in other marketing opportunities and we  regularly review the analytics. Not only do we do this for our business… we do this for clients as well.

If you are looking to position yourself or business as an expert – why aren’t you blogging?

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Jill Wisehart

Jill Wisehart has specialized in brand management and marketing for over 25 years. She has launched well-known brands like Coach Leatherwear stores, Dish Network and STARZ, just to name a few. She loves to help others position themselves and their businesses. Do you need to add or change your SEO tactics? www.yellowschmello.com/

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