Write and Distribute An E-Course To Market Your Own Affiliate Products

Are you looking for another way to market your own products as well as affiliate products? One of my favorite and most successful marketing strategies is to use an e-course to share your information and knowledge. You can write an e-course to attract new prospects and to stay connected to those who have already joined your list.

Write and Distribute An E-Course To Market Your Own Affiliate Products

If you are not familiar with what an e- course is exactly, I will explain in great detail here. This is simply a series of short lessons on a specific area of your niche. If you work in the area of small business marketing, for example, you may want to write lessons on produc- tivity or time management. If your area of expertise is in personal development, you could write something about let- ting go of fear or anger or about setting and achieving goals. I think you get the idea here; it’s all about teaching just a tiny segment of what you know to fur- ther connect with your target audience.

There are several ways to create your e-course, so it is just a matter of personal preference. I like to choose my topic based on the questions I am being asked by the people on my list and in my programs. Then I write it out completely, dividing it into five or seven  parts.  Each  part,  or  lesson,  is only about three or four paragraphs long. This is because I will be delivering it over time through emails and I don’t want the email message to be too long.

I am also going to think about what I can promote during the course before I write it. Like I stated earlier, this can be your own products and programs or affiliate products. They must be relevant to the topic of your course, and to the particular lesson you are writing. For example, if I am writing about training horses I may want to include as one of my promotions a product about learning how to ride or choosing the right clothing and accessories, such as saddles and bits. You will want your pro- motion to make sense to your prospect, so choose appropriate products and courses carefully.

I recommend repurposing everything you create, so I would suggest setting up an optin page to build a list of inter- ested prospects. Don’t forget about giv- ing it away on the social media sites, too. This makes sense if  your  goal  is to reach as many people as possible in  a short amount of time. Then deliver your e-course each day for seven days to those who have opted in.

Also, convert the entire course to PDF, upload it to your server, and include this link at the bottom of each email to your new subscribers starting with the second or third lesson. This will save you lots of time when people write to you because they did not receive one  of your e-course lessons.

The people already on your list will want to have this e-course as well, so send them a link in one of your broadcast emails. Add this link to one of your pre-written autoresponders, too. During a short period of time you will have given  your e-course away to everyone on your list; your friends, followers, and connections on the social media sites; and the new prospects who are joining your list.

Make a list of possible topics and then commit to writing a new e-course each month for the next several months. This will build your list, increase your income, and position you as an expert in your niche. It will also give you  even more content on your topic that you may want to include  in  a  book, on your blog, or as a series of articles that you will release and distribute  over time to increase your  visibility  on the Internet. E-courses serve as an excellent marketing strategy, no matter what your niche or level of marketing experience.

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