You Are An Expert

You don’t have to fake it till you make it. It upsets and disturbs me sometimes when I see people claim to make millions of dollars but I can’t find any of their products or websites.

What they’re really doing is pretending to make all these money and teaching you bad information in the hopes that someday they will make tons of money. But luckily, you don’t have to go down that road. There are more niches out there than just Internet marketing. What you need is to decide on a niche and then decide on how you’re going to be unique in that niche.

You Are An Expert

I started out in the PHP programming niche which means that I created PHP scripts that could be added to sales letters. That’s how I became different. I now have branched out into areas such as member- ship sites and webinars. That is what I  tell people I do when they ask me. I don’t say, “Make money online,” or “Internet marketing,” because that’s what everyone else says.

The cool thing is that anyone else in my niche is either a full-blown programmer or a full-blown marketer. They teach membership sites from a marketer’s standpoint or a programmer’s standpoint but I am in the middle. I am unique. Once you become unique and sell a few of your products or have a few clients, you now have proof, results and testimonials.

Proof means that you can actually do what you say which means you might include screen shots of videos or demonstrations of what you can do. In my case, I show screen shots of my various membership sites.

Results might be the webinars I run to get people into those membership sites and I will explain how many webinars I’ve run and how many people and how much income I have derived from those webinars. And finally, testimonials are people telling the world what I’ve done for them, what results they have achieved as part of my training.

Once you have your proof, results and testimonials you can now focus on what you like to do which was the point of choosing a niche and becoming unique in the first place. Maybe your passion is mu-  sic or running, real estate or self-help.

If you can see that many other people have somehow monetized this niche, find a way to make yourself unique in that niche and get yourself out there. Speak about your passion, prove your expertise and demonstrate your free information in the form of sales letters, in follow up sequences, free webinars, articles and blog post to show that you are an authority.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to making money online or Internet marketing. You could choose a niche and become unique in that niche today.

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