You Can Be A Winner!

Luck is what happens when preparedness meets opportunity. And Opportunity is there all the time.

earl nightingale
You Can Be A Winner!

Isn’t it funny how some things just seem to fall in our laps, seemingly by pure luck…while others are so elusive? The truth is, these lucky experiences are there all of the time.

Earl Nightingale was one of the greatest motivators of the twentieth century. Much of his work pertained to stepping up and taking action. We choose when we will act and when we will pass. There is learning and growth possible in every situation. We just have to open our minds and recognize it.

The next second is the most important second of your life.

What you do with the next second makes all the difference. Did I have to write this article? Of course not. But what if what I say here helps even one person to feel better, to take action on something they’ve been procrastinating on, to build a better life….then it was well worth it.

The next second is a once in a lifetime moment.

By moving yourself proactively into the next second your life takes a new turn. You can start something new now! Might it be challenging, sure. Can it be scary, I’d be surprised if it wasn’t at least a little bit. Are the rewards for learning and personal growth worth it—you’ll never know that if you don’t take action.

The next second is a party.

I’d bet you didn’t know you were going to a party right now, did you. Well, You are, and the party will be as fun or boring as you make it.

Have you ever been at a party, watching others chat and laugh while you just sat by yourself? Did you have to do that? Nope, it was a choice. So get in the party mix and go for it!

The next second is a time of learning.

Being open to learning, taking action, lending others a hand, asking questions, in effect, being alive and aware-sets you up to be very lucky.

I had a mentor who told me that the correct spelling of luck is “w-o-r-k”. When you are taking those actions that align with your passion, health, abundance, relationships, etc. you will become much luckier.

The next second is your time.

Pick one small thing to do in the next second, that is moving you in the direction you want to go. Forget seize the day, instead, “Carpe Momentum”, seize the moment! Open your mind to possibility and stride into the next second.

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