You Can Eliminate The #1 Barrier To Success

Think of something you can do, sports, business, community, family —something you are certain you can do. Now, think of something in that same area you’d like to do, but don’t think you can. What is the difference in them?

One thought….

You Can Eliminate The #1 Barrier To Success

The distance between success and failure, in the vast majority of situations,  is  quite frequently your belief about your capability. The distance between wishing for success and actually attaining success, is often just one simple thought.

Don’t Try

There are few limitations except those you choose to accept. You doubt you. You fear failing or looking bad.  Perhaps you give it a “try” but it’s hard so you don’t persist until you succeed. That is most people on the planet.

Somewhere just over the boundary of your current comfort zone, there is a nice surprise awaiting you. Just out of sight over the horizon of what you presently know you can do, are fun, rewarding and fulfilling new things you could also do.

You’ll be able to do these new skills when you step into the new belief or thought of “it’s possible.” You see—once you choose the “new”, and decide it’s possible for you—it becomes possible for you. When you grab on to the thought that this can be done, then it can be done.

There is no lack. There is only self imposed limitation. Free yourself!

Possibilities Are All Around

Through your focus, passion and action, you can have the reality you desire. Think about what is possible now, and what action would take you a step closer to what you deeply desire. When you act on your desire, as if it will work, the bricks in the wall of limitations begin to crumble.

The life you currently are living, exists because this is what you expect to be living. Expect more. Expect the exceptional, and your mind will open up to a great new field of possibilities.

Every moment you can have a new thought. Each new thought can open a new reality for you. You can move beyond where you

are now, when you unleash your mind into the new you.

See the vision, and choose the opportunity. It’s just one simple thought in the next moment. Move now. The moment is yours for the making.

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