You Want It, But Are You Willing?

It’s good to want things.

My philosophy is that if you want something bad enough you, will set a plan in action to get it.

But success takes a lot more than just having a case of “the wants.”

You can want something, and I mean honestly want it, but if you’re not willing to do what’s necessary to get it, you will never make it happen.

You see, success is simple but it ain’t always easy. And anything worth having is worth the effort that it takes to get it.

At the beginning of every football season, I ask my teams what they want to accomplish during that year. Inevitably the response is, “to win a championship.”

I am always careful to remind them that in order to win a championship, they will have to work harder, longer and with more determination than any other team that we will face.

Champions never take it easy! They Work!

You Want It, But Are You Willing?

When they’re tired, they work. When they are sore and hurting, they work. When they go through hard times,

they work. No matter what life brings to them, they muster the strength that it takes to continue to work toward their goals.

Success in general takes that same type of thought process. You have to be determined enough to work toward your goals regardless of whatever ob- stacles you may have to face.

Believe me, obstacles will pop up. They always do.

In fact, the closer you get to realiz- ing you goals, your journey will get harder and harder.

In a football season, the teams that make the playoffs are the best in  their divisions. That means that every game we play will get  harder  and harder.

To win a championship,  we  will have to face our biggest challenge, but through proper preparation, a steady and strong work ethic and just plain out wanting it more than anyone else, you can accomplish anything you want.

So decide what you want and more importantly, be willing to do  the  hard work it takes to succeed and LIVE LIFE!

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