Your Next Product: What To Create

or years I have maintained that product creation  is  not  difficult.  I regularly crank out 2-4 new products each month because I  love the process!

But I watch other people struggle for months trying to create their first product. What’s the difference?

I think it comes down to two things:  Choice of topic and use of the technology.

Your Next Product: What To Create

So how do you choose what to create? First, don’t confuse the choice of topic with the technology you use to express it. Your topic has nothing to do with the technology. You don’t decide to create an “audio product.” You choose to create a product on a topic. Then if audio is the best way to provide that information, you choose audio.

So step 1 is to choose your topic. But which topic? I recommend you choose a topic that you know. One that you know so well that you could talk about it for an hour with no notes. One that you don’t need to research.

Grab a piece of paper (yes, right now!) and jot down as many topics that fit this category as possible.

  • What do you do every day?
  • What do you do that others think is “hard” and you think is easy?
  • What have you recently explained to someone?
  • What questions have you answered in a forum?
  • What do you love doing, even when you’re not working?

Okay, now that you have that list, look over it and ask yourself: What are people in my field willing to pay for?

If you’re new to product development, you may not even ask for money. This could be a great lead-generator product.

The important thing is to get it done! There is no point in sitting on great in- formation that you have to share. So go ahead and set a date on which to create that product.

A date? Yes, it only takes an hour to cre- ate a product.

And what about the technology? It’s a relatively small part of the process when you know what you’re doing. And you can learn that piece of the process at

The important thing is to start cranking out products regularly. The more you do, the easier it becomes. Get started now with the how-to videos at

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Jeanette Cates

Dr. Jeanette Cates is a 20-year veteran Internet strategist, known for prolific product production. After a brief retirement she has returned to launch to help others build their online success.

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