Positioning Your Brand

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If you’ve been involved in marketing of a product or service for any length of time you’ve probably come across the phrase “Unique Selling Proposition (USP).” Some will know it as Unique Selling Point and others as Unique Value Proposition (UVP). Whatever name you know it by, it essentially boils down to this: “How are…Click Here To Read More

Information Marketing – What’s In & What’s Out

Since Armand is doing his annual “State of the Internet Marketing” address in this issue, I thought I’d piggyback on that and talk about the state of information marketing. We’ve been providing physical product duplication and fulfillment services for nearly 20 years now and a lot has changed over that time. The day of the…Click Here To Read More

Provide Enough Proof Through Testimonials When Selling Online

When you begin to sell your products online, you know you’re going to have to overcome the natural disbelief the market will have regarding what your product will do for them. Tools available to help include: case studies, physical demonstrations, pictures, financial statements, and testimonials. Of these, testimonials can be the most powerful weapon in…Click Here To Read More

The 10:1 Marketing Rule

What’s The 10:1 Marketing Rule? Simply put, it means the price at which you’re selling your product (assuming it’s a physical product vs. digital delivery) must be priced a minimum of ten times your production cost for that product to be a viable product long term.Bret ridgway The 10:1 rule is one of the major…Click Here To Read More

Rev Up Your Marketing

Include Ride Along Offers With Your Physical Product Shipments Too few information and Internet marketers take advantage of their product shipments to include additional marketing literature to try and stimulate additional sales. But just think about it, you’re already paying the shipping costs to send out your information product. What is the additional cost to…Click Here To Read More

Are You Guilty of Consumption Obstruction?

It drives me absolutely nuts. You pick up a book off the shelf at your local bookstore and start to browse it because the title sounds kind of interesting. You glance at the back cover copy first, reading some of the testimonials there and other sales copy about what the book is all about. Sounds…Click Here To Read More

Testing Is Still An Important Part of Marketing

‘Almost any question can be answered cheaply, quickly, and finally, by a test campaign. This is the way to answer them, not by arguments around a table. Go to the court of last resort. The buyers of your product.’– Claude Hopkins, one of advertising early experts and author of ‘My Life in Advertising’ and ‘Scientific…Click Here To Read More

20 Copy Tips To Increase Selling Power

‘Use short simple words to express your meaning. Educated readers under stand short words just as well as long words, and everyone else understands short words much better. Even when it is necessary to substitute three or four words for one long word, it is usually wise to do so.’—John Caples,author of ‘Tested Advertising Methods’…Click Here To Read More

That All Powerful Headline

In the world of Internet marketing, where copy is king, headlines are the king of kings—the exalted ruler of all copy. In ‘Scientific Advertising’ Claude Hopkins wrote ‘The purpose of headlines is to pick out the people you can interest. You wish to talk to someone in a crowd, so the first thing you say…Click Here To Read More

Long Copy vs Short Copy

There  is  a  seemingly  endless debate in advertising about how long an advertisement or sales letter should be. And the question is just as relevant to your online sales copy as it is to any print advertising you might do. So let’s go back to Claude for his take on the situation. Hopkins wrote ‘Some…Click Here To Read More

Tips For Information Marketers

Here are seven tips that will increase the perceived value of your information products, with little or no extra cost to you.bret ridgway 1. Increase the perceived Value of Your Information product by: Producing any of your videos in DVD format. Using a 3-ring binder for print materials rather than comb, coil, or spiral binding.…Click Here To Read More

What Is Advertising?

How can you  apply the  decades old marketing wisdom of Claude Hopkins to your online efforts today? Jay Abraham, renowned by many as ‘America’s Number One Marketing Wizard’ said this about Hopkins. ‘Claude Hopkins is the master of them all. His influence has easily added over $6 million to my personal Income… and still counting.’…Click Here To Read More

Do You Know Your Lifetime Customer Value

If you don’t’ know these numbers, you don’t know anything. You’re totally shooting in the dark with your business when you have no idea of what marketing channels are working for you and what the cost of acquiring a new customer is and what that customer is worth to you over their lifetime. I first…Click Here To Read More

5 Ways To Generate More Money From Your Subscribers

Membership sites and newsletters, both online and offline are becoming more and more popular both for customers and for marketers. Customers like them because they can consume information in bite-size chunks over time AND they have access to current content, not information that’s been sitting on the shelves for months, and sometimes even years. Marketers…Click Here To Read More

10 Biggest Mistakes Information Marketers Make

1. No follow-up auto-responder series to help people consume their product. When your customer receives your product for the first time they can easily be overwhelmed by all they’ve received. You might have a thick manual and case after case of CDs and/ or DVDs. They just don’t know where to begin. First, you should…Click Here To Read More

Customer Service Mindset

Roll out the red carpet for you customers and really make them feel like VIPs.bret ridgway I recently returned from a trip where I chaperoned a group of high school students to West Virginia where they did roofing, siding and other  building  projects  for  some  of the families there. It was a great experience both for the teenagers…Click Here To Read More

Autoresponders Aren’t Just A Pre-Sales Tool

Autoresponders can also help the sale “stick”…and help you customer consume your information more quickly and come back for more of your products.bret ridgway It seems to me there is a common perception that email is a tool just to help you make a sale. You know— you get them to opt in to your…Click Here To Read More

Domain Name Strategy – Camel Casing

All domain names that are multiple word domains need to use the concept of ‘Camel Casing’ to improve the readability of the domain.bret ridgway Ever found yourself driving down the road and see the service vehicle for some local business? They usually list the company name, maybe with a logo, then typically a phone number…Click Here To Read More

Drown Your CopyWriter In Data

The question of whether one should write their own copy is frequently asked. This blog has featured articles focused on topics related to writing your own copy. But this time we’ll look at the other side, working with a copywriter in the best manner possible to achieve success. The information is provided courtesy of David…Click Here To Read More

Quick Copywriting Tip

Sixty percent of all new advertisers fail!John E. Kennedy – Author of Reason Why Advertising John E. Kennedy, who defined advertising as salesmanship- in-print wrote those words many decades ago. Today the figure might well be seventy, eighty percent or even higher. But why do most advertisers fail? And what can we, as Internet marketers,…Click Here To Read More

Speakers: How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

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Without question one of the major contributors to the successful delivery of a speech is to have your audience all feel as if you are talking directly to them. The ability to connect at a “heart level” greatly increases the bond you have with your audience and leads to a well-received presentation. It does not…Click Here To Read More

4 Ways To Write A Book Without Writing A Book

Ideas to keep from being overwhelmed by writing your own book and getting it done in out of the box methods! #1 Talk Your Book If the thought of typing out a book manuscript totally turns you off you might consider talking your book. Just get a decent USB microphone you can plug into your…Click Here To Read More

Do You Really Know Your Target Market?

I can’t count the number of times we’ve heard an author or information marketer say words to the effect of “Everybody needs to read my book or buy my course. Everyone would benefit from it.” Those, my friend, are words that point to a product that is, in all likelihood, going to fail in the…Click Here To Read More

Classic Copywriting Tip

‘If your advertised article be of a kind which you cannot reasonably hope to sell him through Printed Salesmanship, make it possible for him in the advertisement to do something toward purchasing.’—John E. Kennedy, author of ‘Reason Why Advertising Plus Intensive Advertising’ This quote from John E. Kennedy, one of marketing’s early master copywriters, who…Click Here To Read More

Design Digital Products For Consumability

In the information product world it’s well known that consumption is an important consideration with any product, whether it’s a book, an audio program, a video program, or a full- blown home study course consisting of multiple media types. And the use of consumption autoresponders, “read this first” letters or “getting started guides” and incorporating…Click Here To Read More

Name Captures In Your Book

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Your book should serve as an entry point into your entire product mix where the real money from your book is made on the products and services people purchase from you that are a follow up to your book.bret ridgway That means your book is what many would consider a lead generation product. It’s designed…Click Here To Read More

White Paper Secrets

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…the elements that can affect the consumption of your white papers tend to be very similar to the elements that impact the consumability of any book.bret ridgway As a general rule, people tend to think of white papers as more “academic” than most writing. They tend to be shorter in duration than most books and…Click Here To Read More