Choosing An Online Marketing Niche

When you are just getting started with your business on the Internet you will need to decide whether you should create your own products or promote other people’s products as an affiliate.Connie regan green I found it extremely difficult to figure out what type of product I could create during my first year, so I…Click Here To Read More

Grow Your Business With Your Own Affiliate Program

You can increase your sales exponentially when others are driving traffic and leads to your sites on a regular basis.connie regan green I believe that affiliate marketing is an excellent business model for those just starting out online, but I am also a proponent of having your own affiliate program as soon as possible. This…Click Here To Read More

How To Manage Your Email Accounts To Remain Productive

Your email account gives you access to the people in your life, but it can easily get out of control.connie regan green Do you receive hundreds of emails each  day?   You must be able to  communicate  in this  way  in  order  to  maximize  your effectiveness  in  the  shortest  amount of time. That’s why I…Click Here To Read More

5 Ways To Repurpose Your Articles

Repurposing    your    content    is the process of taking the same information and redoing it in order to reach more people in different kinds of ways. I repurpose every article I write and have been able to create an online empire filled with my trainings and other material. The first thing I do is to write…Click Here To Read More

Five Things That Will Help You Achieve Online Success

You can make more money with a  business online than with almost any   other business.connie regan green That is a powerful statement, and it is completely  accurate.   There is  an inner game related to making money on the internet that seems to make a huge difference with whether or not you  will  be  successful.  Doesn’t  it make sense…Click Here To Read More

Determine the Why Of Article Marketing

It must make sense to the person who has never heard of you to click the link and find out more about what you have to offer.Connie Regan Green Even  before  you  write  your article, think about the reason you are writing it. You may be building your list and sending readers and potential prospects…Click Here To Read More

Build Your Online Business With Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing. It’s all about building relations, both with  the  people  you  are  marketing  to and the ones whom you will be recommending. In order to connect with someone you would like to be  an affiliate for, you will want to build your relationship in the right way. I have done this successfully…Click Here To Read More

10 Steps To Building An Internet Business

Take it day by day and move forward with your business. Building an online business is definitely worthwhile, so learn as much as you can while you are taking actionconnie regan green Getting started online is the  toughest part. There is so much to learn and  so  many  people  giving  you  their input.   Remember …Click Here To Read More

Creating Profitable Information Products

Creating your own information products can bring you both time and financial freedom.connie ragen green There are three models you can choose from when you start building an online business. These are affiliate marketing, coaching and training, and creating information products. I’m going to discuss the third model, information product creation, because this is the…Click Here To Read More

Be An Expert And Build Your Online Business

Persistence and consistence definitely pay off when it comes to starting your own business on the Internet. I think of us online entrepreneurs as being ordinary people who are willing to do extraordinary things to set us apart from others. Whether you are just getting started online or have been at it for awhile, the…Click Here To Read More

Getting Started Online

Create a Signature Product To Brand Your Business and Build Credibility. There are many ways to start earning income on the Internet, but the best way, in my opinion, is to create a signature product that shows others what you know about your specific niche topic. This product can start out as something simple and…Click Here To Read More

How To Write Compelling Headlines

Your headline is the most important piece of copy on your sales page.connie ragen green Being able to write compelling headlines is a skill that will set you apart from others who are also working to promote their products and services on  the  Internet.  Once  you  learn  how this can be done effectively you will…Click Here To Read More

Get Targeted Traffic With Podcasts

Podcasting is an excellent way to drive targeted traffic and connect with new prospectsconnie ragen green Podcasting has been around for years, but the idea has really taken off for online entrepreneurs during the past couple of years. If you are not familiar with podcasts, they are audio recordings on a specific topic that you…Click Here To Read More

Taking The Mystery Out Of Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases may be one or two words long, but are most typically three to seven words. It seems like the more words in the phrase the more likely it is that someone is ready to make a purchase.connie ragen green How To  Rank  On Page One For Your Keyword Phrases Page  one  SEO  (search  engine…Click Here To Read More

How To Build A Profitable Recurring Income Business

The recurring income model is the best way to build up your residual online income stream.connie ragen green I firmly believe the recurring income model is the best way to build up your residual online  income  stream.  I  learned this very quickly when I was just getting started online and to this day, I continue…Click Here To Read More

Internet Multiple Streams Of Income

The idea is not to put all of your eggs in one basket, making it much easier to diversify your interests and spread out your monetary possibilities in a multitude of directionsconnie ragen green When I first heard the term multiple  streams  of  income,  it  was  years  ago when  I  was  working  in the real…Click Here To Read More

Create Products That Solve Problems

Remember that the reason to start an Internet business is to give you the time and money to live the life you choose.connie ragen green If you are creating information products that help people to solve their problems you will want to make sure that they actually do hit the mark with this in a…Click Here To Read More

Secrets To Successfully Starting An Online Business

Connecting In Person Will Build Your Online Business More Quickly.Connie Regan Green Working from your home computer as you build an online business can keep you isolated from other small business owners and entrepreneurs. This leads to seeing your business in a bubble, keeping you out of touch with your prospects and clients. It also…Click Here To Read More

Relationship Marketing

How To Build An Online Business By Connecting With Others When I was just getting started on the Internet back  at the end of 2005, I thought of my new business as one in which I would stay be- hind my computer all of the time. I pictured myself writing eBooks, sending out emails to…Click Here To Read More

Recommend What You Love

Affiliate Marketing Tips To Build Passive Online Income “Passive income is a business model that brings in money while you sleep, or while you are on vacation, helping out in your community, or visiting a sick friend in the hospital.”Connie Ragen Green This month I promised to talk about affiliate marketing, which I describe as…Click Here To Read More

Author, Publisher, Infopreneur

Your Plan for Business Success When I decided to come online in 2006 it was so that I could leave my job as a classroom teacher and real estate broker/appraiser and work exclusively from home. I had no clue what I could do to serve others and build a business around, but I was willing…Click Here To Read More