How To Write A GREAT Ad

Curiosity is the most powerful way to induce someone to click on anything online…especially on an ad.Jim edwards Ads get attention and arouse curiosity from the right people – Attention and curiosity result in clicks – Clicks put eyeballs on the offer (your website, affiliate link, or whatever else you’re trying to sell). So, bottom…Click Here To Read More

Getting Things Done

getting things done
It might sound elementary, but by golly, no matter how accomplished and competent you are, if you skip the basics, you won’t get the results you want.Jim Edwards I had a meeting last week with one of my close business partners. We outlined a new course we want to offer, who we wanted to offer…Click Here To Read More

Avoid This Copy Writing Mistake Like The Plague

fountain pen on black lined paper
The #1 copy writing mistake entrepreneurs make is to make their sales copy all about themselves instead of their prospective customer. What do I mean? Well, they tell the prospect how great their product is, how smart they are, how long they’ve been in business and how their product works. The customer doesn’t care about…Click Here To Read More

Become The Number 1 Expert!

woman pointing on ttop near tree
If I Could Start All Over Again… If I had to start all over again in my niche, there are a number of things I would differently to get further along the trail a lot faster. If you’re trying to establish yourself as an expert, I hope these little tips will help you too! Don’t…Click Here To Read More