9 Things Your Team Doesn’t Like That You’re Probably Doing

Reliable help is so difficult to find,” someone wrote. Anoth- er chimed in, “Yes, and harder to keep.” Before long, everyone shares their outsourcing nightmare stories. The refraining cry becomes, “Why do I always get the bad apples?” Here’s the painful truth. It’s probably not them. It’s you. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying everyone…Click Here To Read More

3 Things You Must Know To Create An App

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Having put out a handful of apps in the past, people often ask me how they too can create an app of their own. This is what I have to share. Is There A Real And Significant Need? This is the critical question before you journey down the path to creating an app. If you…Click Here To Read More

6 Reasons People Fail At Outsourcing

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REASON 1: Not Defining Scope Scope is the extent of activity, a range of operation. Let’s say you asked a builder to build a small cottage. Throughout the process, you ask for a larger closet or make other changes. Every change affects the actual cost of the project. That is why you should always hash…Click Here To Read More

The Art of Accomplishing Projects

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“Most of us have heard the saying, we eat an elephant one bite at a time. But we still grapple over the question. How big a bite is too big?”Lynette Chandler t is no secret. I love making web apps. Particularly the large, complex projects. They taught me the invaluable lesson of doing things one…Click Here To Read More

5 Ways To Get More Done in One Hour

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1. Establish “Do Not Disturb” Cues My children are my biggest distractions. Good thing I can close my office door. They know that a closed door means do not disturb, and they should be quiet. I do this only for a few hours on some days, not all days. This lets me work in bursts,…Click Here To Read More

By Pass Time Suckers

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Why The Humble Bookmark Can Be Your Greatest Productivity Tool In a survey conducted by SearchYourCloud, 1/3 of us spend 5-25 minutes searching for a document every time we need one. To make that worse, only one in five “searches” is correct the first time. Part of it has to do with the way you…Click Here To Read More

How To Perform Often Overlooked Backups

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In a previous issue of Traces, I introduced the idea of backing up important but often overlooked things in your business. These are items like your email lists, saved information, and customer data. This issue, let’s talk about how to perform some of these backups. Before going further, throw out the idea that you need…Click Here To Read More

Are You Missing These 3 Critical Backups?

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When the word backup comes to mind, we almost always think about backing up our computers. While that is something we should all be doing, you could be missing these critical types of backups. #1—YOUR LIST Most marketers know the importance of their list. People say, they could lose everything tomorrow, but if they had…Click Here To Read More

How To Win By A Hair’s Breadth

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Ridiculous! Who in their right mind wants to win  by only a hair’s breadth? Most of us look forward to massive wins that leave our competitors in the dust. I get it, but if you would give me a moment, I’ll explain how tiny margins can become those colossal wins we all seek. Let me…Click Here To Read More