Building Strong Trust In Your Market

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Trust and authenticity are not just good ideas but critical to women in particular. I want to back up a little and give you a reference that’s going to help you in all your marketing decisions when it comes to reaching either the male or female market. It comes down to how both genders are…Click Here To Read More

How To Give A Great Interview

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Video marketing is a force you cannot avoid. One of the best ways to use video like a champ is to interview other experts and colleagues in your field. In fact, you may even have a whole cache of interviews under your belt. If you can hold a teleseminar interview over the phone, with a…Click Here To Read More

The Power Of Story Telling

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I’ll never forget the day I decided to quit my stable $50,000 a year job. Candy, the older assistant who really ran the company, had the radio on in her office. She actually bossed me around sort of like the Meryl Streep character in “The Devil Wears Prada”. But most of the time she tolerated…Click Here To Read More

5 Insider Trends When Marketing To Women

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The female market is the fastest growing, largest segment of consumers worldwide with money and buying power, and they cross over into almost EVERY brand. Check this out … Women today represent the majority of the online market. According to Mindshare/Ogilvy & Mather, when it comes to women and their digital habits … 22% shop…Click Here To Read More