Are You Building Your Business Daily?

A common trap to fall into is to go and make a new product instead of marketing the product that you already haverobert plank If you are working at home (especially if you are the only employee on your business) It is far too easy to maintain and remain in your comfort zone and not…Click Here To Read More

Don’t Demo Your Product Before It’s Ready To Launch

If you create a bunch of pre-launch videos before the product has been made, you are going to put your best stuff in the pre-launch videos and your worst stuff in the paid product.robert plank Far  too  often  I  have  seen  people launch  products  or  services,  and when it came time to actually release that…Click Here To Read More

Create A Pocket Swipe File

Copywriters  recommend that if you want to learn copywriting, you need to create a Swipe File. It just means that if you see an ad that you like, you save it. If you see a web page that you like, you save it to a folder. If you see an ad or a piece of junk…Click Here To Read More

5 Great Reasons To Start A Membership Site Today

There  are  a  lot  of  marketers  out  there telling you that you need a membership site. But do you really need one? Whether you’re planning a single payment download area, modular course paid in installments, or an ongoing monthly membership site, here are ten reasons to stop procrastinating and instead finish that membership site right…Click Here To Read More

Create Membership Sites Out Of Your Live Webinars

It saddens me when I see marketers offer live classes or even live coaching and then forget to do anything with the recordings…if they have made recordings at all!robert plank Freelancing or coaching is okay if you’re recording that coaching and adding it to a product.   If you’re doing it the old way (offering a…Click Here To Read More

Get Comments and Testimonials With Gravatar

Enable Gravatar on your own blog so your commenters, that are signed up, can show their picture… enabling you to get more comments and better testimonials.robert plank WordPress blogs allow for gravatar (globally recognized avatar)  support  which  means  that your  blog  can  automatically  add your commenters’ photos next to their blog posts without even asking, allowing you…Click Here To Read More

4 Videos You Should Add To Your Opt-in Process Right Away

Any internet marketer will tell you video enhances your marketing effectiveness dramatically. Several Marketing University high rollers use video-only sales letters… whether it’s a screen capture PowerPoint videos delivering a sales message, or a live action talking head video recorded from their phone, webcam, or camera. Using your preferred method, there are four videos  you…Click Here To Read More

Triple Your Marketing Do Everything In Groups Of Three

If you can finish one thing you can finish three!robert plank When you’re in a productive mindset, moving   your   online   business along, momentum is key.   Psyching yourself up to get in a writing or marketing mood might take a while, so it doesn’t make sense to get yourself motivated just to write one article or…Click Here To Read More

Let Technology Help You Become More Productive

Procrastination and overwhelm are two things that probably cost you time and money more than anything else. It’s so easy to check e-mail on your smartphone, get text messages or read your latest Twitter alerts instead of doing the only thing that really matters on your computer… making money!robert plank Here are three ways to…Click Here To Read More

Create You Product Funnel Backwards

It makes sense to create your product funnel backwardsrobert plank When you visit someone’s web site, you visit their squeeze page before seeing their sales letter and you buy that entry-level product before you see the upsell.   So does that mean you should create your product funnel in the same order?  Definitely not! Create that…Click Here To Read More

You’re Working To Hard

“You don’t get any points for working too many hours and getting no results.” Think back to when you had a day job and you had a boss. Maybe you still do. When that boss made twice as much money as you, do you think he worked twice as many hours? Even worked twice as…Click Here To Read More

You Are An Expert

You don’t have to fake it till you make it. It upsets and disturbs me sometimes when I see people claim to make millions of dollars but I can’t find any of their products or websites. What they’re really doing is pretending to make all these money and teaching you bad information in the hopes…Click Here To Read More

How Do You Write A Post-Sale Follow Up Sequence?

Figuring out what emails to send to your subscribers is easy. First of all, you need to have a separate sub-list in your autoresponder for every product you sell. That means if you sell one e-book and one membership site then you have a sub-list for the e-book and a sub-list for the membership site.…Click Here To Read More

Optimize Your PowerPoints For Maximum Effectiveness

You have a PowerPoint presentation completed. Maybe you’ll use it for your next webinar presentation or even speaking from the stage. Take a second and make sure that your PowerPoint contains these three very important components—a consistent look and feel from the master slide, a bullet drip layout, and title slides. Most people don’t know…Click Here To Read More

5 Strange & Powerful Split Testing Results

If you’re not split testing, it’s an easy way to improve your conversions. Send half your traffic to page A and half to page B and figure out which of those pages get you more opt-ins or sales. If you want a decent converting webpage you should split test. I’m going to share with you…Click Here To Read More

How To Post Launch your Product

Most of us are aware of the importance of a product pre-launch But did you know a Post Launch may be even more important?robert plank You might have read my advice before where I told you the easiest way to launch a product on autopilot is simply by scheduling e-mails in your autoresponder in advance,…Click Here To Read More

Launch Your Products On AutoPilot

When you put out a new product, you have to launch it.  There’s no question about that. The only variable is the size of that product launch.Robert Plank You might not have a gigantic list or an army of affiliates but you still should take these tiny steps to make sure people see what you…Click Here To Read More

Reasons Why You Should Start A Membership Site

Here are five important reasons why all Internet based, Information Marketers need a Membership site.robert plank 1. A Place To Put Resale Rights Products Maybe  you  bought  resale  rights  from Armand,  bought  resale  rights  on your own or even have finished products you haven’t marketed yet. If you create a membership site, and you have…Click Here To Read More

It Is What It Is

Here is my favorite Armand Morin “Armandism”: “It is what it is.” I was on my way to Armand Live Australia in  Brisbane,  flying  from San Francisco to Sydney and then on  to Brisbane. When I arrived at San Francisco airport Tuesday night, only 90 minutes before my 14 hour flight   to Sydney, Australia (and…Click Here To Read More

Profit Quickly With PLR Content

There are many PLR (Private Label Rights) products available to you. But if you’re like most people you buy them— and they sit idle on your hard drive. Stop that! You paid good money for content you could use—so use it. Here are three ways to ensure you profit from the next PLR package you…Click Here To Read More

Is It On The Calendar Yet?

The sooner you start using a calendar to organize yourself instead of a super long task list, the sooner you’ll get everything done faster and ensure that you deliver on your promises. I use Google Calendar to manage my calendar. This is cool because it’s built in to G-mail. There’s already a calendar tab in…Click Here To Read More

How To Write A Pre-sale Follow Up Sequence

You have a product. You have an autoresponder set up and a landing page. But now you need to figure out what emails you will be sending to those subscribers who come to your landing page and opted in your list and are ready or need to be convinced to buy your product. It’s very…Click Here To Read More